Prevention of Obesity in America Requires Concerted Effort

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Preventionof Obesity in America Requires Concerted Effort

Thetopic for my project will be about obesity in the United States. Tobe more specific, I will be exploring the need for concerted effortsof all the stakeholders involved in the health sector in theprevention of obesity in the country. I will be exploring theargument that the prevention of the disease in the United Statesrequires the concerted efforts of all the stakeholders and not justone of a few of them. I selected this topic because obesity is aconsistent problem that has not been solved using alienated differentmeans. As Kumanyikaand Brownson (23) notes, ending obesity in the country requires theefforts of each and every stakeholder involved.

Mytimeline will start with start with the outline of the project. Inthe outline to my project, I will start by identifying the mainstakeholders involved in the fight against obesity in the country.After the discovery of the stakeholders, I will explore the differentways that these stakeholders fight to end obesity, and how theyimplement their policies. After this, I will select a person in themain stakeholder and do an interview of him on the ways in which heor she, or his or her organization fights obesity. Through theinsights of the interview, I will learn how to explore researchmaterials and other sources of information to present my centralarguments.

Afterthe identification of the sources, I will write a good annotatedbibliography that will detail each and every source that I will usein the paper. The reason why I selected this timeline is because Iwill be exploring a topic that is wide. Therefore, I will need moreinformation to narrow it down to the central argument which is thefact that the abolition of obesity in the United States requiresconcerted efforts. Therefore, I will take time to centralize myargument from the wide topic of obesity to the narrow argumentposition. Though the interview and the research, I will identify themain themes, and arguments that will prove that prevention of obesityrequires the concerted effort of all the stakeholders in the UnitedStates.


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