Project Management

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PartOne: WorkBreakdown Structure

Awork breakdown structure varies in relation to a particular project. For instance, the framework of constructing a house involves a seriesof stages that all contribute to a property finished structure. Inother words, it is a breakdown of all work needed to complete theconstruction project. It includes site preparation, construction ofthe foundation, rough electrical, roofing, rough plumbing, andgeneral HVAC among others. The structure helps in collection ofinformation about the project and to organize activities intocomponents that contribute to achieving the objectives of theprojects.

PartTwo: Resourcebreakdown structure

Resource breakdown structureis a part of project management where the resource managers involvevarious personnel to who constitute the team members. In the sameperspective of house building, the structure for contains a list ofpersonnel resources that are related to function and arrangement isin order. The group of individuals works jointly to ascertain propercompletion of the project.