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Thisis a hypothetical project management plan. It is intended for theacademic purpose to show my understanding of project managementprocess. My hypothetical project was about a tender project awardedby Texas State government to construct1000 official governmentquarters.

Texasgovernment personnel quarters’ development project is one of thelargest human settlement projects to have been laid to ground sincePresident Johnson Urban development project. The project was putforward to cater for Texas States government officials. Due toincrease in-house allowances, the government came up with a long-termproject to reduce the cost associated with house allowances and homebills such as electricity and water. The project will be carried outin Van Horn Culberson County. Phase 1 of the project should begin in2016 June and end approximately 2021 June with a total of 1000household and market establishment shopping centers and recreationalfacilities completely developed. The project contract was won byBlessing Construction Company. During the first cycle of the projectdevelopment the company committed itself clarifying and identifyingthe leadership team with necessary expertise for the project(kucharski &amp Spellecacy, 2014). Offices were set up on the site,and the team started coming up with necessary methods to get the workdone. The work was then subcontracted to JM Reed Plumbing Co,American Electricity Power Co, and Birch Co, which were in charge ofPlumbing, electricity and telecommunication respectively.

Scopeof the Project

TheTexas government personnel quarters’ development project phase 1will be carried out in 20 square kilometer area. The first face willinvolve displacement of residents to other quarters legally withproper documentations and compensations (Collins, 2011). The requiredarea will thus be fenced, and groundbreaking plans will begin. Mainroads will be made, water, gas and fuel pipeline will be establishedand sewer systems. Then after established underground systems, thenwill the erecting of building begin. The highest building in theproject will have three floors and towers from every necessary areawill be 50metres off the ground. The project allows only forconstruction of perimeter wall, 1000 households, recreationalfacilities and shopping malls, and underground systems necessary fora living community. Everything should be done within the scope of lawtoo (Wang et al., 2014). Six hundred million dollars was the amounttendered by blessing corporation for the project.

Missionof the Project

Toconstruct comfortably habitable family homesteads and recreationaland shopping centers within the required building standards, budgetsand time frame in regards to legal procedures.

Visionof the Project

Tobe recognized all over the world for delivering comfortable and topniche standards for community buildings in consideration of thedesires of the community to habit the houses.

Goalsof the Project

• Constructhigh-quality government quarters.

• Ensurethat safety is considered.

• Useefficient and cost effective practices.

• Mitigaterisks of the project to the neighboring community and onsite workers.

• Deliverquality results within stipulated timeline and budget.

Measuresof Success

Thefollowing points will be used as a measure of the success of ourproject. There should be no record or time wasted in injuriesmanagement higher than the industry average (Cervone, 2006). Weshould be able to meet or beat established project milestones. Allspending should be within the allocated budget limits. Quality shouldbe up to the requirement of the project without putting a strain onthe budget or milestones (Harris et al., 2013). The project should becompleted without violations of laws and permits (Wang et al, 2014).

Project overall manager


Projectoverall manager

Oversight control department

Plumbing manager

Telecommunication manager

Road and house construction managers

Electricity manager






Supervising Engineer

Supervising Engineer

Supervising Engineer

Supervising Engineer

Supervising Engineer


Construction engineers

Plumbing engineers

Electrical engineers

House engineers







ProjectOverall Manager

• Heis the overall decision-making person regarding matter touching thepublic and stakeholders of the project.

• Hewill communicate in an official capacity the progress of the projectto the authorities and the public.

• Hewill solve disputes arising from the sub-contractors.

• Heis responsible and accountable for the overall progress of theproject.

•Hewill be responsible for the interpretation of anything that is notclearly stated in the contract.

OversightControl Department

• Thisdepartment will be responsible for drawing up and review budgets forapproval for all departments.

• Necessarypermits and regulations will be acquired by this department

• Qualityissues, assurance, and audits will be conducted by this committeeregarding all equipment, personnel, and the work was done aboutquality contract requirement and set standard levels.


• Thisdepartment will be in charge of providing lighting system during theproject period.

• Itwill do complete house wiring in all the house and install lightsecurity post and electricity poles.

• Thedepartment will install backup power generators for emergencypurpose.


• Thisdepartment will install all pipe works and underground tunnels thatwill be used for water, gas, oil, and sewer systems.

• Itwill install all water reservoirs tanks, swimming pools, andirrigation systems.

• Allin house plumbing will all be under the responsibility of thisdepartment.

RoadConstruction Department

• Thedepartment will be responsible for tarmacking and paving the roads inaccordance to contract required grades.

HouseConstruction Department

• Thisdepartment will be responsible for building the house from scratch tothe contract stipulation.

• Buildingthe recreational facilities shopping centers, and watching towers.


• Thiscompany will be responsible for installing telecommunication networkbooths and in-house wiring.

• Itwill also install security alarms and cameras.

Asit is a bureaucratic leadership, employees will report an issue totheir managers and managers will be responsible to delegating theresponsibilities in their departments. Project managers canbrainstorm within themselves where there is a conflicting issue.

MajorMilestones of the Project

Themain activities of the project were first to establish perimeterwalls. This will be carried within the first month. In the firstyear, 250 homesteads will be built there will be construction ofroads and the setting up of electricity and power backups. This willbe gradually through the project time of 4 years following the houseplan building which will also entail installation of sewer, water,gas and telephone lines. The installation will be yearly depending onthe stages of the project. The project will be carried out in thismanner, plumbing and all underground jobs will be carried out beforeabove ground structure are erected or constructed. Then foundationsof the houses will then follow and after the houses have beencompleted the paved road will then be constructed, followed byplumbing will be completion simultaneously with electrical andtelephone cable wirings. The houses will be constructed within thefirst six months of year 2016/2017 the two subsequently months willbe used for wiring and plumbing. The final month of the year will befor quality assurance and control monitoring by the oversightmanagement. The last year of the project 2020/2021 will be used forthe building of recreational facilities, shopping centers, and watchtowers.


Theproject manager, in assistance with engineers, will divide the jobinto four stages it was decided in a year we would complete building250 together with all the necessary system for a complete householdhaving been installed in place. The employees will be divided intothree groups the road construction and groundbreaking crews, thepower, telephone and wire installing crew and house-building crews.1500 employees were seen as the convenient number to hire for thisproject putting into consideration holidays and any injuries thatmight result or unforeseen challenges in the project.

Theother management level will perform oversight responsibilities of theproject. The control team developed a budget and schedule thatcoordinated the activities ground and house designs procurementprocedures and construction teams. This budget help tracks theproject spending against the excepted ones. In the first year, 20million dollars was to be allocated to the American Electricity powerCo. to wire the 250 households and install power backups andelectricity poles. 25 million dollars was to be allocated to JM ReedPlumbing Company to install water, gas and sewer system in the 250households in the first year. 10 million dollars was to be allocatedto the telephone cable company to be used in the wiring and poleinstallation.

65million was set aside to cater for the construction of 3bedroomwell-furnished houses and pavement and road construction. Every housewill be built in an area of 30 by 30 meters separated by a paved roadin a linear and a normal timber fence from each other. One side 125houses the opposite side 125 houses. The road separating the houseswill be approximately 3.750km to 4km. We allocated a total of 225,000to the construction of a single house and 800,000 dollars for theconstruction of a single kilometer. To avoid duplication of efforts,each department would procure its products but pass through a singleoversight control department. These funds will be disbursed yearlyfor the construction of the other houses. All the allocation to theabove projects where yearly.

Therecreational facilities, shopping malls, and watching towerscommanded 150 million dollars to be set aside. Cleaning and siteclearing were necessary thus 5 million dollars was set aside for theexercise. The contract-winning company would first fund the project,then half way the company would request for funds from the employer,the Texas State government

ProjectNetwork Diagram

Thedark blue line shows the critical path that can be followed tocomplete the project in time: Perimeter fencing completion one month,underground plumbing eight months, complete house building 24 months,road paving, electricity, telecommunication wiring and house plumbing12. + Recreation, shopping and watching towers 12 months. Controlassurance and audits will be continuous cumulatively 3months.

Project completion

Project start date

House completion

Underground Plumbing

Road paving

Recreational, shopping and towers

Perimeter wall

Electricity installation and house plumbing and telecommunication wiring

Theexpected project critical path is: project start date +perimeterwall+ underground plumbing+ house completion +road paving +electricity and above ground plumbing +project completion= criticalpath.


Themajor risks associated with this project are mismanagement ofresources and funds, safety risk, contractor delays, politicaldebates and concerns, delay in deliveries, vandalism, lack ofcommunication, losing a critical employee at a critical level andinflation (Wang et al., 2014). To avoid mismanagement of resourcecontrol budgets were set up by control departments. All site ruleregarding safety standards were reminded to each onsite worker andsafety gadgets were provided and visiting the site by unauthorizedpersonnel was prohibited. Clear communication and feedback outlaywere clearly stated to enhance precise and quick communication in thesite between worker and contractors to avoid miscommunication andlack of corporation. No employee was without backup to avoid casesproject halting due to loss of an employee’s result of injury orvoluntary. To avoid political debates we made sure that we interactedwell with all relevant authorities and local communities explainingthem the “why” of the project. The risk of inflation orunforeseen change in financial market was financially compensated inthe budget amounts set for the various projects. The risk managementwill keep on evaluating the possible risk that might emerge andreport them to response department immediately for a countermeasure.


Thestakeholders in this project were the Texas government, environmentaland regulation safety authorities, local communities, authorities ofCulberson County, American Electricity Power Co, Birch Co, and JMReed Plumbing Co.


Communicationis a very important aspect when undertaking a public project.Accurate, precise, and transparent information should be provided toall stakeholders where the project manager is responsible for thegiving of the information (Collins, 2011). Communicating to theoutside world, we decided to use the web updates, press releaseinterviews and video documentation and official report and letters.Communication within the organization should be through variousproject manager, task force meetings, schedule and progress updatesand activity reports which will be weekly and monthly (Harris et al.,2013). Communication downward will be communicated through emails,calls, memos, and meetings. To avoid ambiguity, the overall projectmanager is the one responsible for communication to the outside worldon official capacity.

QualityControls and Audits

Tocontrol the overall quality of a project will be conducted by thequality control department (Atkinson, 1999). This department willensure that the work on the ground conforms to the stipulatedrequirements of the contract. Oversight quality department will carryout quality assurance and quality control while the relevantauthority and overall manager will perform quality verification. Thecontrol department will determine those quality controls that are notstipulated in the contract with the approval of the overall projectmanager. The quality management plan will be developed anddistributed to relevant project managers and employees to make surethey adhere to those standards. This plan will describe and detailthe checks and reviews that will be done on the projects materialsand personnel to ensure that the overall quality of the project ismet. All procured materials before being used in the constructionwill pass the quality assurance and control department forverification and auditing (Atkinson, 1999).

Theground architecture will survey the land and draw a map plan of theproject which will then be handed over to the engineer for assessmentand implementation. The planning stage is a process that does notend, and it focuses on creating enough details to enable the wholeteam to work in harmony and aid the top management level to makesignificant decisions.


Afterthe plan has been established the real work on the ground begins.This stage is characterized by workers on the ground doing on themanual (Kerzner, 2011). Materials will be availed to the site, andthere will be less project manager meeting. The engineers might beinvolved in passing the information manually through training or bythe illustration on the ground. This phase is characterized by a lotof safety signs at the site. Department manager will do a lot of workhere to make sure that everything goes as it was planned because amisstep in this stage can halt the whole project, he will compare theactual performance of the ground and project plan (Atkinson, 1999).Where thumbs up are needed, he will appreciate while where correctionare needed he will just guide. Meetings that are usually at thisstage are progressive updates meetings and schedule meetings(Lurdkrist et al., 2014). Stakeholders of the project will be keptinformed on up to date information as pointed out in the projectcontract. Visiting on the site by unauthorized personnel isprohibited at this stage to mitigate risks that might result fromsuch case. If there any variation from the original plan the detailsare recorded and then the modification are made public by beingpublished if they cannot be corrected (Cervone, 2006).

Mostof the reports at this stage of the project are directed towards theresult of the project in relation schedule, cost and quality of thework delivered. The oversight control department does most of its jobhere as the quality standard have to be checked and ensure that theymeet the standards that had been set before the project is handedover to the customer, in this case, the Texas county government. Oncethe project can be termed to have successfully delivered all therequirements of the customer, the project will be termed as complete.


Oncethe project is complete, all necessary documentation of the projectwill be handed over to Texas government. Subcontract will beterminated together with all employees that were on a contract basis.A final analysis will be done to monitor what went according to planand what didn’t. This process is helpful as it provides thenecessary experience for future reference (Mean &ampAdams, 2005).Official communication will be made to the public informing that theproject has come to the competition and has been closed down andappreciate the corporation of all stakeholders (Collin, 2011).


Anyproject has four stages, first, the initiation stage, at this stagethe problem is identified, and the project establishment becomes thesolution (Mean &amp Adams, 2015). Then it is followed by theplanning stage where a lot of brainstorming, budgets set ups,milestone of the project, communication plan, critical path and teamresponsibilities of a project are established. Then implementationstage follows, where on ground work is seen and progress updates arecommunicated (Collin, 2011). The project manager will compare thepaper plan and actual progress on the ground. After all the work andeverything are up to the standards of the quality as required by thecontract, the project manager then hands over the project to theclient to be used, and official communication is made to allstakeholders about the completion.


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