Psychographic and Clothing

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Psychographicand Clothing

Psychographics research is imperative for viable decision-making.One is able to meet requirements and derive value for the products. It reduces chances of poor choice significantly, as one is able toanalyze the needs before any purchase. Clothing forms part of mymajor exploration areas in life. I constantly visit different storesin search of clothing several times in a month.

VAls(Lifestyles, attitudes and Values) are key to achieve my desire forquality products. Clothing industry comprise of exorbitantbusinesspeople whose products do not to meet the value of moneyattached. Ample research about a product of interest, advice frompeople using the same produce and negotiation will ensure value ofmoney spent (Insights, 2004). I will be able to evade substandardclothes or unauthentic fashions.

Valuewill enable me to review attitude concerning a particular clothing.In most instances, I perceive quality of clothing products based onthe number of people purchasing. It forms a weak stands indecision-makings. Attitude will not be influence by visual impressionbut by quality, that releases thrill and excitement. I will notperceive the quality in terms of popularity as people have variedreason for preference. In addition, I will not make judgment base onclassy advertisements in the media. They tend to be deceiving in mostinstances leading to poor decision making.

Igreatly adore new clothes. They induce unmeasurable thrill andimprove self- self-esteem. Valid decision-making on clothing areimportant due to various monthly purchases that form part of mylifestyle. Time will be spent in examination before reach conclusionon what to purchase. I will not obtain some of the fashionableclothing that does not meet the desired taste in terms of materialused and duration. In conclusion, VALs will keep my life invariable.My priorities will be determinants of all selection.


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