Question 9 Decision Making and Political Culture Process Theories

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Question 9:Decision Making and Political Culture Process Theories

Overthe past years, the political and cultural balance in the Middle Eastwas shaped by two major fundamentals. Firstly, was the balancing thecontrol of the United States as the world’s superpower continuallyinvolved in managing the widespread ISIS crisis by coming up withmeasures of peace initiatives to control the wars. This was tomaintain the unstable equilibrium. Secondly, was the conflict ofSaudi-Iranian where by both Tehran and Riyadh retained a fine line toboost the influence of respect in the region without promptingcataclysmic breakdown(Cockburn, Patrick, 120). The entry of powerful Turkeyin terms of politics and economics against the setting of UnitedStates opposing action of falling the Baath dictatorship thathappened in Iraq.

Therise of the organized model of terror ISIS can be as a result ofseveral decisions by both the regional and international actors. Themajor aspects of its rise are Baath dictatorship and quasi-genocidalpersecution in Iraq 2003 and in Syria on continuing basis, the harshfactional Iraq government policies of past Prime Minister called Nurial-Maliki. In addition, Saudi growth of militancy in its irredentistreligious creation played a bigger part in the rise of ISIS. Inaddition, the Iranian open and secrecy domination as well as Qatariand Turkish contentment helped in their rise. The abrupt abandonmentof the United States of its role as security of the regions continuedto play in the favor of the rise of the ISIS (Cockburn,Patrick, 120).

Theterror group of ISIS in the film is depicted as dangerous to oursecurity because of the extreme threats of attacks to differentcountries. Recently, the ISIS announced massive attacks to Britain,and they must be prepared for this. Most of the threats come fromISIS activists who use internet to influence young people to killpeople and carry out other oppressive things. In addition, ISIS hasbest arms for attacking and is the best funded, this gives themadvantage of hiring many attackers. It has been shown also that ISISmay be collaborating with al Qaeda group who are experts in bombmaking.


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