Ray Anderson’s Argument

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RayAnderson’s Argument

(1)In the article ‘The Age of Responsibility` (Chapter 8 of the CoursePack), Professor Wayne Visser tells the story of Ray Anderson.Anderson states at page 138 of the text (page 133 of the reprint):&quotSustainability by its very nature requires a long view on thefuture, as we consider the impact of our decision today on futuregenerations&quot

a)Explain what, in your opinion, Anderson means by this statement.

WhenRay Anderson says &quotSustainability by its very nature requires along view on the future, as we consider the impact of our decisiontoday on future generations&quot he means that there is a need totake responsibility for the present actions. Having lived for long,he had realized that the companies were the key sources of social andenvironmental problems and he was out to act as an example to therest to show them the importance of valuing the future as they carryout the day`s responsibility.

b)Write whether you agree or disagree with Andersons` position andexplain

Whyyou agree or disagree with Anderson.

Iagree with Anderson`s position because it was apparent that peoplewere ruled by Greed, Philanthropy, Marketing and Managementforgetting that the environment was part of their responsibility. When owners of the companies take responsibility for their actions,it is the basic solution for the most social and environmentalproblems. That way, most issues such as pollution will be preventedbefore they cause any damage to the humanity.

(3)In the article ‘The Principle of Circularity` (Chapter 9 of theCourse Pack), Professor

WayneVisser writes on page 286 of the text (page 140 of the reprint) thatthe Footprint

Chroniclesrevealed information of &quotthe Good, the Bad and What we think&quot

a)Outline what information was disclosed and how it has affected thecompany.

TheFootprint Chronicles was a method adopted by Patagonia Company toensure that they used less energy in the production. The methodproved to have benefits to the environment. As a result, the companygained fame for the conscious and the responsibility of theiractions. Fame made the people prefer the company over others andhence their products obtained more consumers. Therefore, when Waynetalks of the good and the bad and what we think, she refers to howpeople prefer to be associated with the good things such as companiesthat take responsibility for their actions.

b)Explain the effect (whether positive or negative) this likely willhave on other companies.

Thepeople`s preference of Patagonia Company has both negative and thepositive effects. The negative effect is that the companies facesteep competition for customers from the company that has takenresponsibility. The positive effect is that other companies get thechallenge to adopt similar methods hence all companies take theresponsibility for their actions. That way, the social and theenvironmental issues are controlled at the producer`s level.