Reflective Writing

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Inour group we discussed the differences between the classrooms in ourhome countries and the types of classes that we found in the US. Thiswas on Thursday 17thMarch. My friend, Abdul Mohsen, said that in Kuwait, girls and boyscan learn in the same classroom whereas in Saudi Arabia, this mixingis not allowed. In our former classrooms, there was a strict code ofdressing that was formal wear. In the US, the dressing is anindividual’s choice unless one has a presentation. Food and drinkswere not allowed in the classroom unlike the classes in the UnitedStates. The number of students are generally the same per classesbetween our home country and the classes in the US. We also usedprojectors and smart boards for learning just like what is done inthe United States. According to the system of education, our homecountry provided the content of the syllabus without provision of anyobjectives and learning outcomes. The school system of the US givesits students the full course content and the learning outcomesexpected from the students. The professors are more open and willingto assist any student that might need their help.

Iwas surprised when I was able to address some of the professors usingtheir first names. This was uncommon to me since where I come fromone is not allowed to address their elders using their first names.My general impression about the education system here is that it ismore relaxed and thus it creates a right environment where I canlearn. I have had to make adjustments when it comes to classroomparticipation since in my home country it was not a requirement forthe students to participate in a lesson. I like the US educationsystem as every lesson is an opportunity to learn much more than justthe course content. So far I have not found anything to dislike. Mystudy techniques have had to change the expectations of collegeeducation are much more compared to what I underwent in high school.As I continue with my college education, I expect to work on propertime management so that I can fulfill all my requirements such asassignments and presentations in due time. The expectations fromcollege have not been that surprising since I had heard stories fromfriends and relatives of how this life is like. However, the actualexperience has been rather overwhelming, but I am sure I will adjustto no time.

Fromwhat I have seen so far about college life in the US, I am sure thatit will be an unforgettable experience where I will get to learn alot of important details that will help me become a better person.This will be an experience worth telling my children in future.