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Onresearching from ProQuest, the development of storage devices isworthy recognition. Virtual storage has been put in place includingclouds and other web services. The unlimited volume provided byvirtual storage technology promotes expansions in businesses.Furthermore, solid-state devices are making a great move. The size ofthe physical storage devices minimizes from one advancement intechnology to another. They become more portable but with increasedstorage space. Researchers indicate that more storage technologiesare underway. This is because technology keeps on changing every daywith new inventions being implemented. Storage problems will soon besolved including the decease of their acquisition cost.


Ouellette, T.(1997). `Virtual tape` crams in data, cuts storage costs.Computerworld,31(14), 1. Retrieved from


Ifully disagree with the argument. Technology is very expensive toimplement. As technology advances, new storage devices are beinginvented which are very expensive for any individual to buy. Onlyorganizations and companies can see the benefit of one large storagedevice. A person will be contented to have a 1-Gigabyte memory. It isquite interesting that the size the storage devices keep diminishingin every new technology advancements. However, I disagree on the postthat the new storage devices are cheap. Although the storage devicesare the best, their cost makes them not affordable. Largeinstitutions and organizations, however, benefit from the large sizeof the new storage devices.

Takean example of a person buying a 1-terabyte storage device to storepersonal files. This is not realistic. The cost of the device doesnot match with its intended function. To any individual, purchasingthe device will be meaningless. I think the price of the storagedevices keeps moving up with the implementation of the advancements.