Responding to Question in Class and Community Book

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Class and Community book by Alan Dawley entails casestudies on the impacts of industrial revolution on shoemakers andshoemaking in Lynn, Massachusetts during the 19th century. Moreover,the author examines technological and economic improvement onshoemaking in Lynn. Other areas of exploration comprise of politicallife, and industrial working class emergency in Lynn.

Link the pursuits of equal rights and a microcosm of theindustrial revolution.

Pursuit of equal rights led to cooperation of workers, soul andheart of the industrial revolution. In addition, incidences ofbusiness divisions, Republican Party and triumph of revolutionoccurred. Nevertheless, recruits were able to specialize on differentlevels of shoemaking activities. Consequently, it caused great cleftbetween work and home, alienating people from their families andthemselves. It caused entire social and economical to undergoprofound changes, all emanating from production process of factories.Moreover, organizations emerging from these conflicts, empoweredworkforce to fight the Knights. Despite effort failure of workforce,factory owners started hiring outside employees who contributedgreatly to the manufacturing revolution.

Explain how careers of Micajah Pratt among others show capitalisttransformation of shoe production in antebellum

Micajah Pratt career brought a new pattern of social andgeographical mobility of people.Investing idea in bigopportunities emerged, that assisted in raising shoemaking to centralshops. Moreover, an increased division of labor occurred, whereconcentration was done in central shops but binding of leather upperswas prepared at the Lynn surrounding rural areas. Nevertheless,people could invest in the different sectors, an idea of capitalists.

Explain the relationship between community and ‘equal right’then state central shops altered the relationship

Initially, “equal rights”, enabled community members tointeracting freely and most of the businesses were family based.Similarly, shoemakers worked as society to fight for the needs of allemployees. However, the entry of central shops affected therelationship as the social class system was created making successmore of individual than people affair.

How election of election of George Hood illustrate the class ofconsciousnesses and democracy and political control

Even though citizens elected George, he was not the best candidate.It as a clear indication that during voting their conscience was notwith them hence their actions unconscious. Furthermore, it is onlycataleptic person who can elect a leader who had oppressed him or herover along people1.

Democracy means political control as those who are elected willfullyby people controls power. They organized everything within theirjurisdiction. Citizens are given strength to run their governmentthrough elected representatives.

Reasons for introducing shoe industry of Lynn, technology thatdefined it and how dilemma of the change

After shoemaking started to boom, the factor recruits becameoutsiders and orders were piling up causing the need for industry.Industrial owner started using sewing machine technology forseparation of labor. The major dilemma was the uncertainty abouteffects of that change. People feared the standard of living wouldrise. Solution involved job specialization enabling workers to affordthe cost of living.

The cause of 1860 great strike, goal of workers and response ofauthority

Formulation of labor movement empowered employees to demand forstandard wage system but the employers refused to agree with thoseterms resulting to the strike. Industries owners responded by buyingsewing machine, which made work easier while increasing theproduction. They also started preparing high wages lists. Theauthority including political leaders supported the move, forcingmanufacturers and industrial owners listen to demands of workers2.

Explain how the capitalist shaped politics in Lynn

Due to raise of capitalists, the class system resulted with formationof rich people who were behind the formulation of Republican Party.They wanted to control power to protect their properties. Policereforms resulted to wealthy people requiring protection that extendedto the industries created. Civic reform movement such labor unioncame up to protect the right of staff. Lastly, people needed a placewhere they could hold meeting or entertainment leading to theconstruction of New City Hall.

The effects of factory systems

Laborers started receiving payment as a wage for their servicesthough they worked for long hours. They stopped getting pay for theirproduct and started getting wages for their services. There wasinflux of people in the Lynn who were search for jobs leading to theproblem of floating population. Such was because the available jobscould no accommodate all the job seekers. Later, the shoemakersformed a labor union, known as Order of the St. Crispin’s Knightsformed in 18673.


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