Rogers Innovative theory Application

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RogersInnovative theory Application

BeforeI discuss on how I applied the Rogers innovative theory let me giveyou a recap of the theory in nursing: this theory is described as asocial art that brings together nurses and patients, by providingnurses with effective techniques that are useful in providing qualityand effective care to the patients (Im&amp Chang, 2012). The theoryhas been used in identifying symptoms or risk factors in patient andgiving caregivers a platform on how to advise patients and come upwith a plan to implement a change in the behavior of a patient(DeGuzma &amp Kulbok, 2012). To elaborate further on how this theoryis applicable in real life, I will discuss its application to a reallife situation of a patient named x.

Thepatient under case study suffered from the type 2 diabetes. The risksfactors that I could identify were overweight, unhealthy diet,physical inactivity and high blood pressure. I made the patient awareof the risks factors he faced and how he could avoid such, secondly,I persuaded to adopt behaviors that are suitable for his health likeproper diet and exercise, I participated in making plans on how hecould best adapt and implement the ideas and the advantages of thesame. I followed up with him to see if he had taken the ideas bymonitoring the patient behavior and preferred diets while he wasstill a patient.

Basically,unknowingly I used this theory to provide myself with evidence basedpractice on excellent procedures for effecting positive change onpatient’s health by addressing the risk factors and making on pointdecisions. Therefore, when I made the patient aware of the risks andprovided him with a guideline on how to avoid them, I applied theRogers innovative theory. The Rogers theory can effectively be usedby caregivers to influence behavior in patient’s life towardspositive health behaviors (Green, Tones, Cross, &amp Woodall, 2015).


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