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Every country has its constitution that stipulates the laws andfunctions of various government bodies. For instance, the federalgovernment serves its citizens in different capacities. One of thebodies of the federal government is the Congress. The Congressperforms various roles and as the population increases, there is theneed to expand the number of the House of Representatives.

One of the purposes of the Congress is to make laws that ensuresmooth operations and order within America since it is thelegislative branch of the government (Smith, Roberts &amp Vander,2013). The American Constitution also states that the Congress sharespower with the executive arm of the government therefore, it isresponsible for approving appointments made by the president andapproves any treaties that are negotiated by the executive branch(Smith, Roberts &amp Vander, 2013). It is also the responsibility ofthe Congress to raise and ensure proper expenditure of publicfinances as well as to oversee the operations of the executive branchthrough investigations. It can also declare the country to go to war,and impeach and try federal officers who are suspected of abuse ofoffice.

The population of America has increased since the formulation of theAmerican constitution. The House of Representatives was establishedto promote the representation of the American citizen in thegovernment (Smith, Roberts &amp Vander, 2013). Therefore, with theincreased population, there is the need to enhance the membership ofthis body from the current 435 members to promote equalrepresentation of the people in the government. Besides, maintainingthe current number can result in increased power among the wealthythat tend to undermine the voice of the minority. The Congress shallthus not manage adequately to represent the needs of the Americancitizens and instead, promote inequality within the American society.


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