Roles of Florida Department of Health

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Rolesof Florida Department of Health

The,Florida department health, whose mission is to promote, safeguard anddevelop the health status of the people of Florida using unitedstate, county, and community efforts, has the following three mainroles:

  1. Assessment. According to the “2012-2017 Florida Department of Health Workforce Development Plan,” the Department of Health under the role of monitoring and assessing the health of the population and the communities. The purpose of this is to detect any epidemic threat that may emerge in the community. This early detection ensures preparedness in case the disease outbreaks. The department performs a risk assessment to identify various health problems in the society and decide on what problems to prioritize so as to deal with them first.

  2. Policy development. Florida Department of Health collaborates with other policy makers and the government to formulate various policies touching on the health of the people. The Department can either support policy making process or may come up with a policy and seek for support. The Department does not only push for the formulation of new policies but also takes part in the amendment of policies in place. The department does this to ensure the policies reflect the current realities.

  3. Assurance. The department is in charge of making sure the general public access cost-effective healthcare. The department ensures high-quality care is provided to the general public. The department also ensures appropriate care is given to a particular disease in the society. The department ensures quality by conducting an evaluation of the healthcare. The evaluations are always continuous to ensure the health care appropriately change as the conditions in the society also change.


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