Rules of engagement

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Rulesof engagement

refer to the directives given to the militaryforces that seek to define circumstances, conditions and the mannerin which force would be used in addition to the actions that could beconsidered as provocative. The rules serve the purpose of providingthe authorization and limits for the amount of force that is usedwhen it comes to the execution of military duties.


When the military is mandated with the task of fighting a particularoffensive force, should the rules of engagement applied havelimitations or they be allowed to carry out tasks at their discretiondepending on the circumstances of their operations.


The application of the rules of engagement by the military when itcomes to execution of tasks significantly affects the ability of theAmerican military to win wars against Islamic militants andterrorists such as Al Qaeda.

Statement ofthe problem

The application of the rules of engagement by the American militaryhas been seen to play a significant role when it comes to theirability to execute their tasks efficiently.


Insights fromdifferent researchers on the topic provided.

The UnitedStates Rules of Engagement have been questioned

The United States Special Forces soldiers have been called upon bythe Afghan forces to assist in the fight against Taliban. However,efforts by the American military to efficiently execute the tasksassigned to them has been hampered by the existing rules ofengagement.

Measures tochange the rules of engagement

The government, through a directive from President Obama, has sincemade it easier for the military to gain approval for strikes as theydeem fit

The new ruleschanged

In the new rules that have been modified, the United States militaryonly has to show that the potential target does relate to the IslamicState, and their affiliated militia found in Afghanistan.