Service Management HB 105

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ServiceManagement: HB 105

ServiceEvent Observation Evaluation (25 points/each)

Nameof Business/Organization:BuffaloWild Wings (360 Albert Ave, East Lansing MI 48823)

Time/Dateof Visit:March 15, 2016

  1. What was the customer’s (yourself and your company) reason for visiting the business?

Themain reason for us visiting the BuffaloWild Wings (360 Albert Ave, East Lansing MI 48823) was for an afterevent celebration. We had just launched a new system in the companyhence, a celebration was a necessity.

  1. Was the customer recognized in a professional, business-like manner? Describe in detail how the customer (yourself and your company) was acknowledged.

Imust admit that BWW is a place where everyone who intends to beattended to in a professional way must go. The staff at therestaurant acknowledged us in a very professional way. She was veryattentive and very humble to us. The food we were served with was asexpected.

  1. Describe the service event you are documenting, in detail:

  1. Who was involved?

BWWstaff, the manager, and the customer

  1. What did the customer (yourself and your company) do?

Wewere busy chatting and discussing various issues in social life whilewatching soccer on their big screens. All was just to relieveourselves from the event we had just finished.

  1. What did the service staff do?

Theservice staff was hasty in clearing the table. He did not enquire ifwe were done with the food that we had set aside to continue eatingafter sometime. No one among us detected her action we only realizedafter she had cleaned up the table and taken away the food.

  1. What was the manager’s reaction or role (if applicable)?

Afterwe had realized, what the staff had done, we brought it to hisattention. Initially, he admitted that it was an innocent mistake. Atthat point, the manager was on our attention, he apologized for themistake and promised to replace it. Within 15 minutes we were servedwith extra food.

  1. Rate the overall service experience

A (Excellent)


C (Neutral)


E (Terrible)

  1. If you were the employee or manager in this event, what service barrier or opportunities did you observe, and what would your action plan to solve/suggest to the organization?

  1. The first barrier is the lack of communication. The employee acted in an ignorant way. He did not inquire on the feedback of the customer whether they are done or not. The action plan here should always be to remind myself as an employee the qualities of good service. Communication is very essential as well as having a positive attitude.

  2. The second service barrier that I observed is the attempt of the employee to look for a scape goat. In good service management, the employee should always admit that the customer is right. He/she should listen to the customer attentively and avoid making them feel that they are the ones who are wrong.

  1. What are the customer-focused attributes of this business/organization?

  1. Positive (Describe in detail.)

  • Timely service – Service at BWW is as promised. Normally, after making an order, the employee asks you to wait for about 15 minutes for the food to be prepared. They do not go beyond that time. We were served just within that time, and even the replacement service came as promised

  • Admitting mistakes – this came out clearly when the staff made a mistake by cleaning up the table even before we finished eating. Despite him admitting the mistake, the manager comes out, apologizes and ensures that we get a replacement.

  1. Negative (Describe in detail)

  • Failure to anticipate the needs of a customer – the staff after realizing that the plates still had food, he could not anticipate what we needed neither did he ask and inquire from us.

  • Making assumptions – the employee assumed that since we were not eating, we were done with it. This assumption made him make a mistake. It shows that he was not focused on the customer.