Social economic issues as explained by the Moscow Times

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Meat and Cheeseexport from San Marino to Russia: March. 18 201618:54

The authorities ofSan Marino have signed an agreement with Russian businessmen. Earlieron Russian had introduction embargo to European countries and bannedimport of meat products which entails dairy products and fish inretaliation to Western nation Sanction due to Russia involvement inUkraine. Other products banned comprise of fruits and vegetables. Theban witnessed accelerate production in the agricultures sectors.However, the leaders in Russian worked to resolve the conflict andrestore the earlier healthy relationship. National WholesaleDistribution executive Vladimir Lishchuk confirmed the reappearanceof cheese and meat products again in the supermarkets. The productshad been bulldozed leading to massive loss and public uproar andargued the products could be utilized to alleviate poverty in thecountry. Dissention between the European countries is slowlysimmering down. Countries such as San Marion from Europe areauthorized to supply meat products such as hard cheeses and ham.

Online commercebetween Russia and China: March 14 2016 16:37

There has beencreation of online platform for commerce between China and Russia.Russian producers are able to market and sell their produce for thefirst time in China. Two companies have been nominate to facilitatethe activities. They comprise of REC and JD. Com. The bank ofVneshekonombank is authorized to control the whole process in termsof transaction. JD. Com has vast experience in online businessactivities. It was mandated to aid the sellers from Russia withmarketing and logistics proceeding from the sales. The role assignedto REC was to support exporters using viable measures. Earlier has engaged in supply of different products that were hats ofCanoe brand. It has now diversified to cover a wide population in thecountry and serve various people across the country.

Use of LowQuality Wheat due to cost conscious by Russian Bakers: February 252016

Manufacturer’s inRussia have encounters severe economic crisis. There has been direshortage of wheat in the country that propels the manufacturers toseek alternatives. Thy turn to the low quality wheat used for fodderproduction to meet the acute shortage of wheat. The solution entailsmixture of low quality wheat with high quality wheat. Variousadditive are added in the product as reported by the ArkadyZlochevsky who is the Union’s chief. Various debate have emergedconcerning the issue. The government of Russia has responded bydrafting various amendments intended to review the standards of foodquality. The amendments are designed to allow the use of “fifth-rate”fodder wheat for human consumption. The country is not capable ofproducing adequate supply and hence the need to review the importtariffs from other countries.

Russian Economicstagnation Risks and Crisis: March: 25 2016 14: 07

Russia has witnessedsevere economic crisis over the recent years. Abundant resourceshave been used in the conflict with it rival countries. Less has beenutilized to improve the livelihood of the increasing population.Unemployment has up-surges lead to meagre earnings in the factories.This has cut across all the sectors which range from the agriculture,importation of vehicles, pharmaceuticals to immigrants from overseescountries. Due to low earning, the citizens are incapable ofpurchasing the imports of cars and pharmaceutical due to their highcost. They result to cheaply products that are only affordable to ahandful population. There has been significant fall in the industrialsector by five percent greatly affecting the investment level byseven percent. Consequently, many immigrants are laid off. People arealso overconsuming potatoes as opposed to seas food and meat productsleading to land degradation.

The Portrait ofMillion city Plus in Russia, 2016: March 17 2016

Russian countrieshave burgeoned due to rapid advancement of economy in the onset ofthe year 2000. The period is commonly known as the high oil time. The population in the cities is compose of one-quarter people whohave attained the retirement age. The cities developed in theindustrial areas, which poses a great challenge today. The highpopulation has ensue numerous problems to the investors that compriseof land disputes among the new settlers such as immigrants andex-owners, land contamination, tariffs and accessibility in term oftransportation.Majority of the people in the city live indilapidate condition. House development in the region has be low tofacilitate the resettlement plan aggravating the condition.

Islam and itsFaces in Russia February 14 2016

There has existedreligion dissention among various groups such as the Muslims andChristians who comprise of Jehova witness and Othordox churchmembers. Islam which is the fastest growing in the has attract manyethic groups over the years. The Russian government was ntointerested by the issue and it banned religious magnification in thepast such as the book public by Jehovah witness members, named Biblestories. Mostly Quran translation was also rejected. However, the banhas been lifted. Most ethnic group convert to other religions such asMuslims due to mystics aspects, linguistic, historical manifestationand its culture such as style of dressing. Muslim populationcomprise of more than 20 million people. The country has witnessednumerous conversion of other religion members to Islam. The covertsclaim to have receive a religious breakthrough. Other converts due toother factors such as Marriage, where one converts in order to get aspouse. One the gets recognized in the family.


The Nation(Pakistan) February 21, 2016. Pakistan emergence as a power, nationin a steady slow pace

Adverse extremistsand political spells hve been experienced in Pakistan. These haveimpeded the country from growth despite enormous potential in termsof the resources. The country is endowed with minerals such as oilscapable of propelling rapid development in the country. The PakistanPrime minister, Nawaz has been unable to overcome Muslim Clergy whohas held the country hostage for many years. International trade hasbeen to a minimal extent and gender bias is high witnessed in thecountry. Nevertheless, the country is improving slowing by embracingtechnology, education and quality imports.


Globalizationentails interaction of people, integration of governments, companiesof various countries for mutual trade or investment benefits. Variousfactors facilitate globalization of hinder the process. Conduciveenvironments that are viable for growth usually attract investors andgovernments. Governments strain impedes any development ofglobalization. In the case of Russian, dissention with Europeancountries lead to sanction of numerous trade activities which areessential for globalization. Government wrangle are manifested in asectors the social. Travel advisories are issues and the targetcountries such as Russia receive less visitors and investors.Exportation accounts to great percentage of the earning of a givencountry. Banning importation is a big blow to any countries.

All countries andpeople require variety of quality goods from other countries. Theseinduces development of various agricultural products from variouscountries such as vegetable, wheat and fruits. The surplus issupplied in the international markets for more gains and tostrengthen trade relationships. Land degradation leads to low produceof given country such as Russia. The country has witness highpopulation and over-utilization of the land. The production ofproducts such as wheat has declined significantly causing people touse low wheat used as fodder in industries. Due to economic crisis inthe economic sector, the country is unable to depend of theagricultural exports. The few the imports the low the globalizationwhich affects the relationship of Russian with other countries.

One key areas ofglobalization is technology. It entails advancement in transportsectors and e-commerce. People are able to move from one area of theglobe to another with ease. Russia has adopted technology such asonline sell of produce. It has entered an agreement with twocountries from china that include that facilitate thetransactions and ordering request. Various businessmen are able tointeract through the site and exchange their ideas.

Social understandingfacilitates globalization. For instance when a particular faith isnot allowed or is discriminated in a given country people may bedeterred from engaging in any activity of that country. Russian hastries to solve the religious misunderstanding among various faith torestore order and equality. They have ensured there is not religionthat is more powerful than others. In Pakistan the government haswork to restore religious order and boost its relations abroad forincrease returns and development of the country.


The Moscow Times :February 14 –March 25