Sound Design in Horror Movies

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SoundDesign in Horror Movies

SoundDesign in Horror Movies

Soundcan be referred to as the element that composes or facilitates thehearing sense in human beings and animals. Indeed, the sound remainsan important component in the media since it bears immensecapabilities of artistic influences on people. This paper discussesthe use and effects of sound in the media sector of horror films. Itdescribes the manner in which sound design affects horror filmaudience in addition to other characteristics of the films or movies.

Inthe films or movies, the sound is considered to be a vital medium ofcommunication, of course aside from the visual or pictorialdepictions (Altman &amp Handzo, 2011). A primary characteristic thatoccurs in horror films is the use of creepy music or melodies. Thisis often accompanied by sounds that facilitate frighteningatmospheres, like say clucking sounds of high heels in a darkhallway, or playing of high pitch chords when a character is about tobe stabbed. One cannot decline to note that different sound forms aneffective way of imploring feelings to people contributing to horrorby enabling people to anticipate a scary event. In horror films,sound designs bring about senses of fearfulness and tension to theaudience. Different sound designs support depictions of differentcharacters. In fact, the sound enables people to gravitate towardsframes of mind out of ordinary elements. The audiences establishthrilling feelings, mysteries and experiences that hardly occur inordinary life. Every so often, the sound design in horror films isvery noticeable. Even in cases where music may be absent, theatmosphere of the film may involve ominous little sound likebreathing or panting (King, 2010). These affect the psychology of theaudience in an effort of generating fear or causing feelings ofdepression as they associate with the horrifying experiences ofcharacters.


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