Spa Castle Experience

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SpaCastle Experience

SpaCastle in Dallas Texas is a very attractive place for whereby peoplecan relax, get beauty and health treatments it comprises of differentAsian saunas places and several beautiful spas. Once a person paysthe entry fee to get access to the locker rooms, ten saunas, bath, pools and lounge areas. Also upon adding some charges the person candrink and eat the different tasty foods available, treatments andmassages. It is a family place, whereby people can go to relax,receive some healing, and spend a beautiful day. This Paper focuseson an experience in Spa Castle Dallas Texas.

Uponentering, the Spa there is a smell of fresh air all over. Inside thebuilding, people can view other steam and dry saunas, various spaservices, and therapeutic tubs. Once a person pays they get a set anelectronic watch that has several keys. The keys are supposed to usein different places person visits while in the facility. Before goingto the locker rooms, it is mandatory to remove shoes. It is SpaCastle’s policy since it is an Asian cultured Spa and follows theircultures.At the front desk, there are different people mostlygirls waiting to escort people to the different gender locker rooms,locker lounge area, sleeping rooms and the traditional indoorbathroom that is charming. The person is to store their shoes andclothing in the lockers. Another policy of the spa is that it isnecessary to take a bath before using any of their tubs. Therefore,people use the seated showers to cleanse their bodies (&quotSpaCastle Texas”). The showers are slightly lower than usual making people sit down asthey shower.

Peopleare to bath while naked, which is another Asian culture that the spafollows. Asians believe that a bathroom is a place whereby peopledetoxify themselves and stimulate overall wellness. Also, it helps tomaintain cleanliness in the area. The person can then take a soakingbath in the traditional bathroom. Next to the Traditional bathroomthere are four heated pools containing herbs and minerals. They helpopen skin pores, help in blood circulation, and reduce pain andaches. After that, the person can go to the cold plunge pools. Thecold pools are useful in close up the skin pores, remove celluliteand boost the immune system. People can decide to add more money toget a treatment of the body. Spa Castle uses the Korean body scrubmethod of using textured hand gloves to be able to remove dirt, oilsand dead skin. People can use the massage jet that exerts pressure todifferent body part massaging the muscles. The massage helps inrelieving the pain of certain diseases.

Theperson can then decide to use either the indoor or outdoor spa poolsthat contain massage jets to help soothe the different body parts(&quotSpaCastle Texas”). Also, to be able to obtain the various benefits from the diversepools on what they offer. Spa Castle Aqua bar allows a person toenjoy the refreshment as they continue to receive a massage or whilepeople are relaxing in the bar’s lounge. The same experience may beobtained at the mystic pool, whereby the waterfalls help a person toreceive somebody treatments as they stay in the waters. There is afascinating pool known as the Hinoki Bath. The pool ‘s constructionis made using pinewood. The water contains mineral and with a sweetpine smell that people benefit from through soaking. Children alsobenefit from the Spa by use of Kiddie pool that allows parents andchildren to have fun as they relax. The pool has some slide thatchildren use to play.

Thespa has a sauna valley that contains different saunas, which arethemed and designed differently to give people different healings(&quotTexasSpa Castle”). For example, the gold pyramid sauna is coated with 98 percent gold.It helps in healing rheumatoid arthritis, improves the alertness ofthe mind, and helps a person to be able to concentrate well. Also,it is known to have beauty benefits. The charcoal tower containscarbon powder and activated charcoal when heated it is useful inreducing impurities, poison treatment, and excellent water purifier.Loess tower has a sweet yellow clay smell and some drawings on itswall. The emitted infrared in the loess tower helps to relievearthritis and headaches, obesity, liver diseases, circulation of theblood, and asthma to the people using the sauna. The Himalayas saltroom has some salt passed over some heat. The sauna contains avariety of medicinal value from using the facility. It helps regulatewater and blood pressure, skin soften and reduces skin aging. Othersaunas available in Spa Castle include infrared zone, Bulgama FarInfrared and the Ice Land that is designed for different healthbenefit. When the infrared’s heated to help the person get thedesired benefits such as improved blood circulation (&quotSpaCastle Texas”).When exhausted from the different treatments a person can be able touse the lounge to relax. The Ondol rooms whereby it is made of heatedfloors. People can sleep on the Ondol floor to get their rest, andthe relaxation sites are found in the lounges located in the lockerroom.

Thethird floor of the spa has a fitness center. The center helps peoplebe able to do different exercise to keep fit or reduce some calories.The spa has three different places for eating. On the first floor,the spa has the Yoghurt Bar, Pool Shack snacks and Aqua Bar. SpaCastle also has a Maru Sushi on the second floor. Also, there aremore places to get meals on the third floor namely Asya restaurant,and the juice bar People can be able to eat the variety of food fromAsian sophisticated cuisine to European meals from the differentavailable restaurant to fair prices. The spa has different treatmentservices that people pay to receive them. An example of the spatreatments involves beauty spa, body scrub, body massages and footand hand reflexology.

Oneof the problems with Spa Castle s that the extra charges they chargefor the slippers. It leads to people without money and did not wantto walk barefooted. Also, some of the utensils they use are heavy tocarry around . However, Spa Castle is a beautiful place if onlypeople would understand that it is a Spa that follows the Asianculture, whereby people should be barefooted within the premises andnaked in the bathroom. All services the Spa offers are excellent.Anyone who wants a spa experience should visit the place. People whoare having problems with the Spa do not understand the Asian culture.Therefore, they should inquire to enjoy the different healing,relaxation and beauty options available.

SpaCastle is a place where people can go to receive the various servicesoffered at a spa. It is mandatory for individuals who visit the placeto remove shoes and bath naked in the lounge bathrooms. The personthen can enjoy the different dry and wet sauna’s benefitsavailable. Either the spa offers different foods at the lounges, orpools as a person continues to reap the services at the place. Thearea provides the various services that a person can enjoy for a fee.


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