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Thevideo on this link,,is based upon the life of the Chinese people especially the Buddhistwith regards to environmental conservation. According to the video,the search for faith in China is associated with the variousenvironmental problems. With regards to this Buddhism is depicted asa religion that promotes Conservation of nature and all livingthings. It is also realized that the national government of China ispromoting cultural practices which are focused towards environmentalconservation.

Accordingto the test scores, I was able to score 47% of the average score, 41%better than the public, 48%below and 11% the same to the public. Oneof the interesting factors that I noted as I answered the questionsis the close relationship between ethical practices and religion. Iwas also able to note that quite a number of question listed werebased on the Jewish religion and Christianity with a few on Islam.The most striking question that caught my eye was, &quotaccording tothe U.S supreme, is a public school teacher permitted to lead a classin prayer, or not.&quot I was surprised to realize that teachers arenot allowed to lead a class in prayer.

Fromthe story on this link,,it is realized that there is a complex diversity in Hinduism.According to the writer of the story the high court in Himachal setthe ruling of stopping animal sacrifice is order to stop the barbaricact of slaughtering mainly goats in Hindu temples. The main argumentof the law is focused towards not slaughtering any animal in a placeof worship. With regards to this law, it is noted that this religiouspractices are not prevented. This is despite the fact that quite anumber of people were used to making an animal sacrifice during thestart of winter in order to please Hindu deities.


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