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Theysay that what happens in history can never change. When the lessonsof history are not followed, the history may repeat itself. Theentertainment industry also brings its knowledge of American historyto the public, but their version is usually engineered to fit thespecific story that needs to be expressed. It often produces anentirely different view of history than the one people identify. Thedevelopers at Ubisoft are working on coming up with a game that baseon the American history. The game known as assassin’s creed IIIdoes not entirely focus on the real history but builds around the oldmurky and gray areas. The game happens during the tumultuous timesthat took place during the American Revolution. On the set, theunited States are presented as a young nation that is trying toestablish and develop itself as an independent entity from theBritish monarchy.

Thistype of commitment for the company is very demand in. Everyone knowsthe American history at this time. The accomplishments of the womenand men of theses time are also evident to everyone and therefore,the game is expected to live up to these achievements. The lead gamedesigner for the video game, Steven Masters, acknowledges that thereis a lot of pressure on the company to ensure that they get thehistory correctly. The characters need to be treated with a lot ofrespect due to their accomplishments and the information that isavailable on concerning them. The game company has so muchinformation on the characters including how they feel, how thecharacters think, their feelings about the Revolution and thisensures that the characters come out accurately.

Theknowledge is available the era of revolution is a source of problemsfor many game makers. The game aims at bringing out the historic artsthat are not clear-cut and have no explanations instead of justbasing on events that have taken place in a simulation type of game.The makers of the game also have a hard task because the informationpassed along by the video game can be quickly searched on theinternet for verification. That is why the game focuses mainly onthose events that do not have a clear explanation. The lead gamedesigner, Masters, gives an example of a soldier who died on thebattlefield. It is not clear whether the soldier dies by friendlyfire, was stabbed, or was he shot? He explains that these are some ofthe most favorable situations that enable the create and insert theirversion of history and be able to tell the story. This does not meanthose significant historical events do not exist in the game. Thegame comes about in such a way that the players get involved inhistorical events like the Battle of Bunker Hill and the Boston TeaParty (Frum 4).

Ubisoftseeks the help of an expert in the field of history known as MaximeDurand to ensure that the important aspects of the American historywere brought into perspective in the game through the help of thehistorian. The main character in the game also does his part by doingas much research on the history as possible. As they make the game,the makers try as much as possible to reconstruct the states likeBoston and New York according to the maps that existed during thattime. It happens with the help of Durand. It is clear that the gamemakers have gathered as much information on the American historywhich helps them recreate this time in history on their game asaccurately as they can.


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