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Android Security

MOTIVATION: investigation and enhancement of the Android security arean essential area of research. Android should have a healthyeco-system for both users and developers of the system. Android hasbeen able to make significant and easily noticeable improvements inthe platform of the security technology (Roy, DeLoach &amp Li 3).The enhancements have included permitting positioning of full diskencryption, increasing the usage of hardware protected cryptography,and refining the Android application sandbox. The developers werecorrespondingly provided with better-quality tools to distinguish andrespond to security vulnerabilities in any android technology system.Android security should hence continuously provide devicemanufacturers with sustained support vulnerabilities in devices thatare related to safety issues.

PROBLEM STATEMENT: with the continued insecurities that have beenexperienced in spite of improved security measures placed on Androidsystems, this study has a core intent of examining the suitability ofnew Android security features and capabilities. This study focuses onthe latest updates on the security system of Android and its relateddevices.

APPROACH: This research design an experimentation framework thatcould be used to vary several parameters reliably while evaluatingthe efficiency of new Android features and capabilities in thedetection of any unsafety within any device of use. The results fromthe experiments carried were afterwards used to answer the researchquestions. In the meantime, the research was also able to demonstratethe impact of some challenges on some of the previous and existingAndroid security features and capabilities (Roy, DeLoach &amp Li 3).A large dataset was used in the experiments it represented thereal-world Android app security analysis scale.

RESULTS: The research discovered that the efficiency levels of theAndroid system when it comes to security was at an advanced stage ofthe analysis of the new security features. However, severalchallenges were identified and associated with the existing andprevious security features. Therefore, the enhancement of thediscovered challenges can improve the new features.

CONCLUSION: research on improving the efficiency of the Androidsecurity features is an area that needs continuous expansion.

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