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Wilfred Owen and Vera Brittain are an artist that have writtendifferent poems. These two author’s works indicate significantsimilarities at the same time differences. The similarities and thedifferences are due to the differences in the themes as well asstylistic devices used by the authors in different pieces of work. InOwen’s ‘Disabled’ and Vera Brittain’s ‘Demobilized’, thetwo authors have shown substantial similarities and differences intheir pieces of work.

Common themes and styles are noticed through the analysis of Owen’s‘Disabled’ and Vera Brittain’s ‘Demobilized.` The poems ofboth of the authors talk about soldiers and how their lives have beensignificantly affected by their involvement in the war (Borsay 501).The Title of Brittain’s poem, ‘Demoralized’ indicates the cryof the disabled soldiers of the war and how they feel towards thesociety who stayed behind when they went to war. The Title of Owen’spoem, ‘Disabled’ indicates how the soldiers who were physicallyaffected by the war suffer and feel frustrated with their return tothe society. The soldiers feel left behind by the society who do notappreciate their hard work and efforts as heroes.

The language used in ‘Disabled’ and ‘Demobilized’ are veryuseful as there a lot of emotions towards the main characters in thepoems. In the Disabled, a lot of emotions have been used to portraythe feelings and the experiences of the young soldiers who lost bothhis feet and one arm during the First World War. The first line ofthe poems says ‘He sat in a wheeled chair, waiting for dark.` Thefirst line signifies to the reader how isolated the young soldier is.The isolation has additionally left the soldier hopeless in hiscurrent world. In the Demobilized, emotions have been used towardsthe narrator of the story to express the wasted four years. The poemssay ‘And no-one talked heroics now’ indicating how the voice inthe poem felt isolated by the society who paid no attention to theirfour-year sacrifice.

The two authors have both used a designated type of language to passtheir anger and frustrations across to the readers of the pieces ofwork (Borsay 509). In the Disabled, the poem appears to be compellingand persuasive as hash word has been used for the emphasis on thepoem’s meaning and significance within the society. The author hasused the harsh word to express how bitter the soldiers is with hiscurrent life and how hopeless he feels towards life. The soldierremembers of the interesting life he led before losing his legs andone arm. The soldier regrets having lost his leg as he can no longerenjoy the life that was brought with the night. The soldier expresseshis pain as he acknowledges the possibility of never again enjoyingholding a woman as women now hold him out of pity. In theDemobilized, harsh words have been used to emphasize the anger of thenarrator towards the society. The narrator feels left behind by thesociety yet the society does not notice the fact that those whoremained progressed with their lives. The society fails to appreciatethe work of the narrator but instead views the four-year sacrifice asbeing a fool.

There are differences that are noticeable in Owen’s ‘Disabled’and Vera Brittain’s ‘Demobilized’ (Borsay 503). In Owen’sDisabled, the author uses third voice narrator to tell the story andthe frustrations that the young soldiers undergo through after thewar. The use of the third voice narration has been successfully usedto indicate the changes that have occurred in the life of the youngsoldier. On the other hand, in Vera’s Demobilized, first voicenarration has been used to express the experiences and thefrustrations of the narrator. The use of the first voice narrationprovides the reader with the personal feeling of the victim in thepoem.

The use of the direct speech is another concept that has indicatedthe difference in the stylistic devices used by the Owen andBrittain. Brittain has used a lot of direct statements in her poem.Owen, on the other hand, has entirely used reported statementsthroughout his poem. Brittain has therefore been successfullyportrayed the unfairness of the society through the use of sarcasm inher poem. The use of direct speech has rendered the use of sarcasmuseful. Owen has used direct speech to be successful in the use oflow voice in the delivery of the intended information.

Brittain has used free versus in the lines in her poem ‘Demobilized’with the use of assonance in some instances in the poem to helpcreate the intended impression on the readers of the poem. ‘Theyhad achieved, and men retrieved their names’ has been used toexpress how left behind the narrator felt. Contrary to Brittain, Owenhas not sued empty lines in his poem as rhymes are evident throughoutthe poem. Leg – Peg, Meg – beg, high- why and kilts – jilts arerhymes that are evident within the first stanza. Finally, Owen hasused vivid imagery all through his poem while Brittain’s poem is afreestyle poem. A reader can visualize how the young soldier’s lifehas drastically changed after the war all through the poem.

In conclusion, the two authors have all managed to depict the societyas unfair to their heroes who fought for them during the world war.The society fails to understand the loss that the soldiers havesuffered from but instead tends to control the troops into thinkingand doing the society’s will. Therefore, in spite of thedifferences and commonalities, Owen’s ‘Disabled’ and VeraBrittain’s ‘Demobilized ‘has effectively delivered the intendedmessage.

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