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Issuesof cultural development of a child take a few dimensions. Any contacta child does have an impact on their lives and contributes tosomething. The language of those interacting with the child happensto be the mother tongue and is what they hear and speak. Also havingshared activities in a group or home is another way where a child cangain knowledge and understand what revolves around. Semioticmediation is also part of a child development. These can be factorssuch as writing reading maps and solving skills compared to one whohas less interaction. This is referred as Vygotsky`s theory where theinternalization process is at its peak. Once it goes throughinternalization a child use in verbal thinking, and this can thus begood for them. Learning for the child does not stop there as thechild can learn from watching what others are doing and this is whatwe refer as appropriation (Jason, 2012).

Theyare essential differences in a literature review and an empiricalreport, and one has to state which is going to be also used there arecritical issues that one has to do when writing any of them. Inliterature can dismiss the report or they can accept the research.The researcher can also state the research is true any other personproves it wrong. In a literature review the researcher cannot conducttheir research and they are at the mercy of past reports done.Compared to empirical report they researcher can also be speculativewhat to publish, and there is a room of challenging the conductedreport, and also they can conduct their study. They can choose whatto ignore and also what to publish.


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