Summary of Fair Tale

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Cinderella (Earliest Version)

The death ofCinderella’s mother which forms the main reason forthe challenges she faces after her father remarries. Cinderella’sfather dies and her wicked stepmother starts to mistreat her.Cinderella serves as a servant in her own house. She gets relievedwhen the king expresses a desirefor his son the Prince to get married to a bride suitable for him. Toaccomplish this aim, the king invites potential maiden in hiskingdom. The eligible maidens weresupposed to perform a fancy dress ball that would provide anopportunity the king`sson, the Prince an opportunity to select his bride. Cinderella’sfriends: mice, Jaques and Gus makeher a dress to attend the Prince event. However, her stepsisters torethe dress immediately on the evening of the due day. At thatjuncture, thepumpkin carriage, stroke of midnight, glass slippers,Fairy Godmother, and the royal ball enters.

Cinderella (Perrault)

The King’s son, the Princedeclares a ball event where two eldest sisters are invited.Cendrillon aids greatly in preparations for the ball event. AfterCendrillon sisters left for the ball, she breaks down and the Fairygodmother presents herself at this time. She evaluates the probableproblem that Cendrillon could have experienced and grants her a wishto attend the ball event. The wish is effected by the Fairy godmotherchanging a pumpkin into a coach, transforming six mice into horseswith grey colour. Further, a rat is transformed into a coachman.Cendrillon changes to a form of beautiful attires, hair and shoeswhile the lizard is transformed into six footmen. The king’s sonthe Prince affirms that he will get married to the girl whom theslipperswill fit. However, they fail to fit the princesses, duchesses, theslipper women in court and the sisters. Cendrillon witticisms withsisters concerning the shoes. She tells them that probably the shoeswill fit. The sisters teaseCendrillon by their action. The royal conducts the search of hissuitable bride. He insists Cendrillon to try to fit intothe slipper. Fortunately,it fits. The Fairy godmother uses her wand to transmute the orphaninto her finery.

Cendrillon forgives herstepsisters and gets married to the king’s son the Prince. Her stepsisters get married on the same day to lords of the court who livedin the palace. The Fairy godmother grants the second wish to visitthe Prince’s ball the night that followed. She was to be in herfinery once again. She dances with the King’s son thought thenight, loses the senseof time. Additionally, she lost the glass slipper at midnight througha furious rush that happened at the door.

Cinderella (Brothers Grimm)

A rich man wife died. The daughter of the noblemanvisits the grave of her mother on a daily occasion. The rich marriesgain after a period of one year. The daughters of the stepmothername the daughter of the rich man Aschenputtel. The name depictedthat she girl sleeps in a place that was next to the hearthsurrounded by ashes.

The step sisters request their father forbeautiful clothes, diamonds, and pearls. Aschenputtel desired for aspring that she could use to rubs a hat that belonged to her dad. Sheplants the spring at the grave of her mother and takes care of ittill it matures to a big tree. The king holds an event to find a ladyfor his son and Aschenputtel is denied access. Prince affirms tomarry the lady who fits the shoe. Prince requests for the presenceof any other lady. Aschenputtel prepares herself and tries the shoes

Comparing and Contrasting Elements Present inCinderella (Perrault), Brothers Grimmthe and Oral Tradition

The tale uses traditional elements common in theoral tradition. In an instance terms such as “once upon a time”for the introduction and “they lived happily ever after” for theconclusion. Personalization is evident where objects are depicted asliving organisms as in the case of oral tradition. Further presenceof individuals with super powers as in the case of Fairygodmother resembles tales in theoral tradition. However, the tales differ from the oral traditionsince characters are depicted to have different personalities andcharacters


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