Summary Presentation on Policy Report

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The authors are addressing the issue of rising poverty in America,which is making it increasingly impossible for citizens to attain theAmerican dream. They provide recommendations on how to overcomepoverty.

The main argument is that it is possible to overcome poverty as wellas promote economic opportunity in America. This can be achieved byimplementing policy changes in family, work and education, which areaimed at increasing opportunity, encouraging Americans to beresponsible and enhancing security, specifically among poorAmericans.

The factors that shape poverty and opportunity are family, work andeducation. Family – children are more likely to be successful andperform well in school when raised by both parents. Thus, the authorspropose the need to change the growing culture single parenting,specifically among less-educated Americans. Work – low wagesdiscourage Americans from looking for and upholding jobs, especiallyyoung men. Hence, the authors propose increasing the federal minimumsalary, to ensure people are interested in jobs and earn more, whichin turn lifts them from poverty.

Education – people with a low level of education are only able toget low paying jobs, which results in less opportunity and increasedpoverty. Schools and universities, which act as a route to economicgrowth, might widen the gap in educational achievement and hence thegap in earning between children from families that earn low incomesand advantaged families. In early learning, low-income children learnfewer words and are exposed to low quality education. In the K-12years, low income families are unable to promote their children’seducation due to lack of money to invest in proper schooling. Thesame case is evident in postsecondary education due to underfunding.Also, students from poor families are likely to attend communitycolleges and drop out because they do not have money to fund propereducation. These result in low quality education, which reduces thepossibility of getting well paying jobs hence, enhancing poverty.Thus, the authors recommend an increase in public investment in allstages of education, educating the whole child to enhance academicskills, modernization of how education is organized and close gaps inaccessing education.

The authors suggest that funding the proposals can be achieved byreducing money invested in other programs like social security andMedicare or increasing the federal government revenue, throughtaxation.

Critical analysis – the ideas suggested by the authors, whenimplemented can be effective in reducing poverty. For instance,ensuring that education is equal and accessible to all childrenenhances their opportunity for the children to not only receivebetter education, but to get better jobs than their poor parents orfamilies. This way they are able to improve their lives in future andstop the poverty cycle.


AEI/Brookings Working Group on Poverty and Opportunity.(2015). Opportunity, responsibility and security: A consensus planfor reducing poverty and restoring the American dream, 1-88.