Systems Development Life Cycle

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SystemsDevelopment Life Cycle

SystemsDevelopment Life Cycle

The development process utilized in the simulation was the systemsdefinition. The decision to use the system definition emanates fromthe fact that it depicts one of the crucial processes of thebusiness. Further, the choice of it was guided by the need toelaborate the significance of the process in the introduction of theIT system in the business (Langer, 2008).

Advantages and disadvantages of each process

System definition

The process is vital as it stipulates the scope and goals that aremeant to be achieved by the organization of the project. Theadvantage of the process is that it does start as a guideline to befollowed by the entire process. The disadvantage is that significantaspects of the SDLC process could be missed.

Determination of requirements

The primary advantage is that it defines what will be required forthe successful completion of the project. Without the same, a crisismay be encountered as aspects of significance are left. Thedisadvantage is that there are chances that the requirements could beoverestimated or underestimated.

Design of system components

The merit is that it allows for the definition of the businessprocess that would be employed. The disadvantage is that it requiresexpertise that could be added costs for the organization.

Implement system

It is advantageous as it depicts the phase with which the systemcomes into operation after its design. It is the result of themeasures to have the business come into operation. The disadvantageis that it could be followed by hitches such that the IT system failsto come into operation.

Maintain system

The maintenance process is vital as it seeks to ensure that thesystem introduced is functional and any anticipated breakdowns areaddressed. The disadvantage is that it is routine and has to beconstantly done.


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