Tennessee State Government

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TennesseeState Government

TennesseeState Government

TheTennessee government comprises of three organs which help in the dayto days running of the state. One of the three branches is theexecutive branch which is led by the governor, who is elected by allthe electorate of the state. The second branch is the legislativewhich is also known as the general assembly and consists of 33senators, and 99 House Representatives. The Senators serves four-yearterms while the House Representatives serve two-year terms. The thirdbranch is the judicially which has the highest court as the statesupreme court headed by the chief justice and four associatejustices. Unlike other states, Tennessee Lieutenant Governor is alsothe speaker of the house and elected by the state senators ratherthan the state electorate. The Supreme Court also has the powers toappoint the states Attorney General which is a function unique forTennessee State and not found on any other.

Thestate creates municipalities as a part of governing the smallerpopulation in the cities under the state legislature. This helps inthe collection and management of taxes at the lower governmentrepresentation. The municipal government provides the citizens withservices that include the provision of security to the citizensthrough managing the sheriffs who in turn manage the traffic and theparking as well as ensuring the reduction of crimes. The governmentalso provides clean environments for the citizens through managingthe collection of litter and in the distribution of clean andreliable water. The management and running of public educationsystems are also bestowed on them as well, thus ensuring thateveryone can access the education for a sustainable future.


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