The First Amendment

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TheFirst Amendment

Theamendment incorporates freedom of religion, speech, press,association and right to petition the government. To me, these arethe fundamental rights of a human being. What made me pick thisAmendment was the freedom of speech, press, assembly and religion. Aperson who cannot express what he or she feels is no human being buta slave. By giving the freedom of speech and press, so do the otherfreedoms come to life. Laws were made out of disgruntles of peoplewhich were expressed through speech that why our founding fathersfound it necessary to secure this freedom. Press has become a keycomponent in making people aware of their right, and as the sayinggoes an informed comrade a powerful comrade. Even if today you hadthe 2nd to 10th Amendment but you had no freedom of speech how wouldyou use them? And imagine if you never knew about your rights wouldyou not be under the slavery of lack of knowledge.

Secondly,the freedom of assembly and petition are powerful freedoms that gohand in hand. They allow people to interact freely withoutrestriction except those necessitated for the public good and expressa popular opinion of people this might be through protest. The rightto assembly enables me to interact without with people withoutcultural or race biases a right that enhances national cohesion. Alsothe right to petition the government gives the people an opportunityto communicate their feelings and responses to the government, aprinciple that our nation is founded in, democracy for all.


Thus, gives people the power to give out their say,feelings. The great Awakening symbolizes the freedom of expressionand worship which is being enjoyed today. The letters exchanged byJohn and Abigail show the benefits of personal expression enjoined inthe First Amendment of the bill of rights. The boxing match involvingthe two presidents symbolizes the freedom of the press. All thesefreedom are all geared to encouraging people to give their personalopinions from their perspective.


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