The Impact of Music on Advertising

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TheImpact of Music on Advertising


Source:Plataforma, S. (2011). An explanation of how advertising musicaffects brand perception. Sciencedaily

Theaim of the article is to discuss how music affects brand perception. The article by Plataforma, (2011) discloses that music is a tool thatplays a key role in advertising with different emotions beingassociated with integrating music when advertising various brands.

Severalstudies were analyzed by the articles. One of the studies involved540 Spanish consumers (aged from 15 to 65). A random survey wasconducted on the sample whereby a series of adverts were played. Thefindings of the study disclosed that with music, different melodiesand tempos create a different opinion of the products. The style ofmusic also affects people’s impressions of the person endorsing theproduct with faster and greater musical range seeming happier,restless, excitable and impatient. On the other hand slower temposeemed more relaxed, calmer and patient.

Thearticle by Plataforma, (2011) also presented a study with fourexperimental studies that examined advertisements with music ascompared to those without. Results showed that advertisements withmusical content was more emotive with consumers subscribing to thebrand as opposed to those without. Alternatively, advertisements witha familiar tune reached a wider audience and sold the brand asopposed to that which had unfamiliar music playing on the background.

The article concludes that with music, various emotions are evoked inbrand advertising. Different types of music appeal to the masses ordifferent people based on factors like familiarity, mood andtempo.This in turn affects and influences a great deal in advertisingof various brands and their perception to the general public.


Source:Zander, M, Ibanez, V and Hartman, P. (2010) Music in advertising:Effects on brand and Endorser Perception. Advancesin Advertising Research.Vol 1.

The aim of the article by Zander et al (2010) is to evaluate theimpact of music on brand and endorser perception. The articlehighlights that there is a connection between music and advertising.Foremost as propagated by the ‘musical fit theory’, the lyrics,tempo and speed must fit the advertisement nature and the nature ofthe products. When the features of music such as lyrics, tempo andspeed correlate to the nature of advertisement then an impact cantake place on the brand perception.

Also the article argues that there is a connection between music andadvertising because it has the ability to evoke memories andemotions. Different songs have different effect when used toadvertise various products. When a song is synonymous with a certainproduct a. consumer is able to subscribe or recall the song andfurther relate the brand to the song therefore affecting theirperception towards the brand (Zander et al, 2010).

Thearticle examined a study the impressions of brands and productendorsers through the musical fit theory. The number of participantswere 405. The study location was in Germany. The participants wereexposed to different versions of music. The selections differed fromrhythm, tempo and many others. The findings of the study disclosedthat music can bring about different impressions of the brand as wellas the endorser (Zander et al, 2010).

Basedon the issues raised in the article it is safe to conclude that musicplays a pivotal role in brand advertising. With music, various brandsare able to reach a broader market effectively, explore new marketsand gain new and ardent consumers quite easily. This also allowsbrands to be built and improved on in due time.


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