The Secondary Dimensions of Diversity in Hudson Valley Hospital

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TheSecondary Dimensions of Diversity in HudsonValley Hospital


  1. The Secondary Dimensions of Diversity in Hudson Valley Hospital


Acompany’s website enables people to get information as well asshare information with the management.


A.Accessibility of diversity-related material

1.Direct link:There is a direct link to a website which helps check on any forms ofcorporatemalpractice and compensation in case of victimization.

2.Search results:There are several search results on its website for example corevalues and employment.

3.Primary dimensions: Itmainly concentrates on patient-and-family-centered care with nursesplaying a significant role in manipulating the perception of patients(Fourny, 2014).

4.Secondary dimensions: Itfocuses on building relationships with customers and co-workersthrough teamwork (&quotAmazingThings Are Happening Here New York-Presbyterian/Hudson ValleyHospital&quot, 2016).

B.Usefulness of the diversity information

1.Potential employees: Demonstratinga good employee culture through the photos posted on the websiteshowing the fun they have makesthehospital lure potential employees(Abeysekera, 2011).

2.Potential customers: Patientsupon coming across information pertaining the core values of thehospital and the good relationship created with other patients willopt to go for treatment there(&quotAmazing Things Are Happening Here New York-Presbyterian/HudsonValley Hospital&quot, 2016).

3.Potential suppliers:A good turnover of equipment like medicine from the financialstatements lures suppliers into bidding for tenders.

4.Relationship to values and mission:They value to be the global leader in patient knowledge, and clinicaloutcomes(Page, 2012).Their mission is to improve lives by healing and discovering.

5.Timeliness of information: Theinformation in the website is timely and up to date.

C.Appropriateness of the photographs and graphic material

1.Primary dimensions: Theworkforce is full of smiles, which can give a patient the assuranceto receive proper care.

2.Secondary dimensions: The workforce is portrayed to stand out as a team in the graphicmaterial.

3.Relationship to text: Thephotographs are aligned with what the text says concerning itsenvironment, workforce, and gender balance.

4.Reuse of graphics: Theyare not reused to explain different phenomena.


1.Potential employee: Theyare regarded significant because there is a place on the websiteconcerning careers.

2.Potential customer: Patientsare treasured since the hospital’s mission, and values giveconfidence to the patients (Shachar, 2013).

3.Potential supplier or subcontractors: Suppliersare considered important as information concerning the equipment isgiven hence a chance to bid for tenders.

E.Internal management issuesTheBoard of Directors has pursued a partnership with the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and hence the name New York-Presbyterian/Hudson Valley Hospital.

.F.Diversity Awards

1.Criteria and selection process: In2015 it was recognized as one of the contributors to The JointCommission’s annual report on America’s Hospitals. It was due tothe improved safety and quality measures for heart attacks andsurgical care(&quotAmazing Things Are Happening Here New York-Presbyterian/HudsonValley Hospital&quot, 2016).

2.Sponsoring Organization: TheJoint Commission of 2015 Annual Report of America’s Hospitals.


Companiesshould strive to update their websites since they communicate theirvalues and mission.


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