The Society Matrix Pillars

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TheSociety Matrix Pillars


TheSociety Matrix Pillars

PartOne: The Matrix


What have you read? (use your textbook and other academic readings)

What have you observed (personal experience)?

How does your community impact the pillars?

*What is the impact of technology?


According to Chapter 11, politics usually use the media to sway the people into viewing things their way. It is everywhere, and they always try to establish leadership

Politics is all about money. It is for the wealthy people only.

In my community, everyone speaks negatively about politics. As such, all they can do is to try to get the best from the government.

Technology is good for politics. It helps the politicians to spread their information to the community, in particular on the internet.

Marriage and Family

Marriage and family are usually the sources of love, protection, companionship, and security.

Marriage and family are the sources of evil such as marital rape, incest, adultery, and child violation.

In my community, people have embraced single motherhood, cohabitation, and remarrying.

Technology has assisted the families to keep in touch using devices such as mobile phones and social media


Religion involves the ritual and the devotional observances. It contains a moral code that governs the affairs of people

Religion is a collection of beliefs about the purpose, nature, and the cause of the universe, especially about creation.

In my community, religion is treated as sacred, and everyone believes in a supernatural agency.

Technology has helped religion especially by using the social media, where people use it to share the religious views


Education usually facilitates the acquisition of skills, values, beliefs, and knowledge.

Education is the tool that adds knowledge to people, assisting think critically and be responsible.

My community believes that education can take someone out of poverty. As such, everyone has gone to school.

Technology has facilitated the spread of the educational material, especially research materials, which can be found online.

PartTwo: The Summary

Thepillars of the society are very fundamental. Politics is paramountbecause it puts people in the positions of power and authority, inwhich they can help others. Although it is seen as for the greedy,the community needs it for development (Gardiner,2011).Using technology contributes to spreading the information aboutpolitics. Marriage and family are also important. They help people tocome together and give birth. The use of technology helps those inmarriage and families to interact with each other despite thedistance. Moreover, religion is also necessary because it connectspeople to the supernatural being. It also helps people to live inharmony. Technology is important because it spreads religiousinformation (Lee,2011).Lastly, education is useful because it helps people to get out ofpoverty. Any community needs education for empowerment. Lucky enough,people can use the technology such as the internet to learn.


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