The Struggles of Impressing your Crush Unit

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TheStruggles of Impressing your Crush


In the short storyA&ampP by John Updike, the protagonist named Sammy narratesthe events of one day in summer when he had to quit his job in anattempt to impress some girls. Sammy worked as a teller at A&ampPalongside his friend Stokesie. As a teenager, Sammy was overlyexcited about girls and was eager to impress. On this hot summerafternoon, when there was low traffic at the store, a group of threegirls in their swimwear walked into the store. He watched and admiredthe girls as they went around the store to pick items. As he wasringing up their purchase, the supermarket manager reprimanded thegirls for indecent dressing. To show his support for the girls, Sammyannounced he had quit his job to impress the girls. Unfortunately forhim, the girls never noticed his actions or even sacrifice. It isclear Sammy wanted to show off his bravado by doing something stupidthat he would regret later. Lucky for him, he is not alone in suchstupidity. Slurp

I was around theage of fourteen and the pressure of having a girlfriend wasunrelenting. However, going about it was harder than rocket science.It was even harder if you were the shy type with average looks likeme. So the closest I ever came to a girl was my sister’s friend,Jackie, and I had a serious crush on her. So one day, I convinced mysister to invite Jackie to our ritualistic Saturday afternoon friesand ice-cream outing. So there we were the three of us on a summerSaturday afternoon in our favorite café. After our fries wereserved, I allowed the girls to go first with the sauces as I played agentleman. When my turn came, I served myself generously with sauce.This was until a waiter passing by pointed out “You might want togo slow on that. It is hot chili sauce.” I was so preoccupied withstealing glances at Jackie that I made a huge mistake. Well, my mumdid not raise a quitter. I had to show Jackie I was tough as nailsand eat my fries with the maddeningly hot chili. Besides a runnynose, red face, and tears, my tongue and throat were was on fire butstill had to play it cool. Well, my crush was not amused but mysister found it so hilarious. As if that was not enough, Sunday wasanother day in hell. My visit to the bathroom was one of the mostpainful experiences etched in my memory. But for my sister, the mosthilarious story to date. After all this, I could never face Jackieagain.