The west in kung-Fu films

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Thewest in kung-Fu films



KungFu is an ancient sport common in China where skills were created andimmensely improved. It emerged from the defense and hunting needs inthe primitive society over the past 1.7 million years. It includedskills like chopping, and sand stabbing(Koppes &amp Black, 2014).Later on, the system developed to not only physical movement ormartial skills but also as a way to keep fit, for public performance,and for entertainment. The Chinese settlement in the West dates backto the 1600s when some small Chinese societies emerged in the UK.Populations of British people with the Chinese tradition were foundin 1851 in Liverpool, Wales, and London. Journalists exaggerated thedanger this community posed to the British society as seen innewspapers, films, and books. Early fiction movies about Chinaportrayed offensive images of the Chinese(Nakajima, 2014).However, the presentation of the British Chinese diaspora in the UKfilms developed and eventually the films started to celebrate thetraditional enrichments the Chinese brought to the British culture.The films available in the UK concerning the Chinese community inBritain have had to leave fascinating British titles to bring aboutequality. The films deal with what the Chinese migrants experience ineconomic terms, search for companionship, and bonding, and humanconnection(Yau, 2011).The shared theme is due to the vast distances that the migrantstraveled the gulf between the west and east, and the space betweenthe adopted and spiritual home. Currently, Hollywood is using manyChinese elements in their films by employing Chinese actresses andactors, borrowing Chinese stories, for example, the film Kung FuPanda was directed by Americans, but it was based on Chinese culture(West, 2011).They adopt Chinese background so as to tap into the Chinese audience.Additionally, they simulate into their movies Chinese Kung Fu, whichis the culture of Chinese martial which is extensive and profound.


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