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Thenovel Broken Glass Park takes us through the life of Sascha, a younggirl who witnessed the murder of her mother by her stepfather. Sheencounter several difficulties throughout the novel with her ambitionto feel special as well as to have a sense of belonging.

Inthis novel, the relationship between man and woman has been depictedin two dimensions. One involves the mutual love and intimacy and thesecond depiction is the jealousy and hatred that arise. This can beseen in the manner in which Sascha’s mother forms an intimaterelationship with her lover. However, the other depiction isdescribed by the actions that are taken by Sascha’s step fatherVadim who out of the jealousy and hatred, ends up killing (Traps,2010).

Anotherrelationship between man and woman that arises is the relationshipbetween Sascha and Volker. Possibly due to the absence of a fatherfigure, Sascha is drawn to this Newspaper editor who is portrayed assomeone who is likeable and quite helpful. In the process of thisfriendship, Sascha meets Volker’s son Felix and the relationshipthat emerges is a sexual one which can be seen by the way in whichthe two lose their virginities in the novel. It is important to notethat at some point, Volker almost engaged in a sexual relationshipwith Sascha which shows the progression of the relationship frombeing friendly to sexual albeit nothing happened.

Unlikeother characters in other novels and films, Sascha experiencestraumatic events at an age approaching adulthood. At this particularage she is able to comprehend all that is going on between herparents. She even witnesses the murder of her mother which drives herto seek revenge from her step-father. In addition, she takes theroles of both father and mother since there is no one else to takecare of her younger siblings. Her toughness and resilience cannot beunderestimated as she endures the storms of life to eventually emergea well-deserved heroine.

Therelationship and interaction between children and their parents havean effect on the outcome of their character and behavior. Forinstance, the horrific acts of Vadim led to the break-down of Saschaas well as her siblings who could not easily come to terms with theturnout of events. In addition, the abusive interaction made Saschato be wary of men and to an extent led be also vulnerable toconvincing advances from friendly men as depicted by how sheinteracts with Volker and Felix. In addition, the death of Sascha’smother transformed Sascha to be responsible for the welfare of hersiblings whom she loved. Maria is also depicted as being very lovingto Sascha’s siblings hence playing a role as the mother figure.This is depicted at the parts where Alissa calls Maria “Mammy”(Posten,2010).

Vadimon the other hand is not a good father figure since he disrupts thepeace in his family by killing the mother of his children and thusprovides an attribute that he isn’t the ideal parent. In contrast,Volker is quite the opposite as he supports Sascha to the extent ofinviting her to his house. Furthermore, he also feels guilty when heapproaches her sexually and thereafter apologizes with the intent ofrecovering their friendship. Sascha has a positive attitude towardsboth Maria and Volker. She deeply appreciates the assistance thatMaria offers especially to her siblings. In addition, the positiveattitude towards Volker is supported by the friendliness and supporthe provides to her.


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