“To Kill a Mocking Bird”

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“ToKill a Mocking Bird”

Thetitle of the novel is symbolic. The novelist uses the mockingbird torepresent innocent characters in the novel. The likes of Tom, Boo,Scout, Jem, who find themselves in a mess as the result of theextreme prejudice of the blacks. It generally means that it is notright to kill the innocent hence the title where the novelist isagainst the killing of the mockingbird. I think the novel should bepreserved in the time capsule for forthcoming generations to discoverbecause it is a mirror of the society, it is also a historicalevidence that injustices in the society exist and has a convincingmessage that social injustices indeed happen in the society and is apower literary resource.

Thisstory takes place at the duration of three years in a fictional towncalled Maycomb in Alabama. The story revolves around scout Jean, herbrother Jem and they became friends to Dill, who stayed at his aunt’splace during his visit to Maycomb and their father, Atticus. Thestory gets to a climax when the curiosity of the children heightensabout their neighbor Mr. Boo, who kept indoors and there are alwayssome gifts for them besides a tree outside Boo place. The childrenbegin having imaginations as to why Boo kept indoors. The climax isattained when black man, Tom, is accused to have raped a white woman,Mayella. It prolongs even after Tom is imprisoned as Ewell vows toavenge which is evident in his anger by spitting in the face ofAtticus. He goes ahead to attack Jem and Scout as they walked homeone night from school. To Scouts wonder, the man who kept indoorscame to their rescue. At the falling action, Sheriff Tate comes andconcludes that Ewell death was as a result of falling on his knife(Noble, 2010). All this brings the theme that one should avenge wrongwith wrong as there are consequences.

Thereare several reason as to why this novel should be preserved in animaginary time capsule. One is that, the novel is a good mirror ofthe today’s society where the good coexist with evil. It clearlyshows the class difference between the poor and the rich where thepoor works only for the rich to enjoy the fruits. To some extent, ittouches on the western countries where the minorities are seen asinferior to the white. This is manifested by how Bob brings thecharge against Tom and how the anti-African-American feeling is thesource of the animosity directed to Atticus and his entire family ashe defended Tom. It is also brought out in Aunt Alexandra’s thoughtof Calpurnia and finally, the hypocritical attitudes of the ladieswho are of the missionary circle and Miss Gates. Therefore, the bookis good when preserved in the time capsule as it is against all thesepractices and acts as the correcting tool.

Itshould also be preserved as it is historically evident. Asthe justice system of the South America was discriminatory in thoseyears. The blacks were eliminated from juries and thus could getarrested and to some extent convicted with little or no cause. Thewhites went scot free while the blacks face the wrath of the law asin the case of Tom Robinson trial which is jailed as the ruling eventhough he was no guilty of charged allegation. Tom’s trial as apicture of what happened in the year 1931 where nine men in the agebracket of twelve and nineteen got arrest and were falsely accused ofrape.

Anotherreason the novel should be preserved in the time capsule is becauseof its influential nature. This is so because it teaches a widevariety of valuable moral lessons about family, forgivenessfriendship and standing for the truth even though all the systemsturn against you. The book does not only accurately show the time andthe cultural ways of the South Americans’ of the time, but alsoclearly implicate how we do not give into a group’s mind whenpeople do things that are hurting the innocent. Therefore, the bookdoes not support judging others before getting their side of thestory as seen with Boo who lived in seclusion but turns out to be agood man by saving Scout and her brother and disapproves the people’sthought of his scary nature.

Lastly,the novel is a resourceful reading material. Since people have agedand died, therefore, the book can be a good resource to read. Itgives a relatively more intimate notion of the tension that was therebetween the blacks and whites living together while they were notequals in the southern part of America.

Inconclusion, the novel is a good weapon to fight against socialinjustices as brought out by the author. Through character building,the consequences of the atrocities have been shown therefore warningthose of the same characters.


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