Tuvalu`s involvement in the UNFCCC/Kyoto Protocol

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Tuvalu’s involvement in the UNFCCC/Kyoto Protocol

    • What is your country’s position approach or standpoint on climate changes, within the international politices on the UNFECCC?

Tuvalu is fully committed to the measures it will use to reduce theimpact of the climate change. In fact, it has accepted and approvedthe protocol because its content aims at facilitating the use ofrenewable energy and also to reduce the amount of emission. Tuvalueven handed their acceptance of the Doha amendment on 4 December 2014(UN Climate Change Newsroom). The Doha amendment that is associatedwith the Kyoto Protocol illustrates the guidelines that the protocolsneeds. As a developing nation, non-renewable energy and highemissions are the reasons for the climate change making the protocola better option.

    • What conditions does Tuvalu’s have or accepts in international negotiations on climate change?

Tuvalu hadfailed to agree with each of the requirements that the Kyoto Protocolhad created in the negotiations to foster climate change. In 10 June2009, Tuvalu handed a list of amendments to the Secretariat sincethey wanted multiple changes in the Article 20, Paragraph 1. From theproposal it is evident that the definition of the parties under Annex1 to be changed (UNFCCC). They wanted the parties included in the newdefinition of Annex 1 to enjoy some of the benefits included in theAnnex B1 before agreeing to the Tokyo Protocol.

    • What is Tuvalu’s trying to achieve by engaging in the UNFCCC?

The statement from Tuvalu presented by theirPrime Minister Honourable Enele Sosene Sopoaga at the 20th Conferenceof Parties to the UNFCCC revealed a list of what Tuvalu expected fromthe convention. The speech released on December 2014, in Lima, Perurevealed that by engaging the UNFCCC they wanted to reduce harmfulemissions and facilitates the use of renewable energy. In this case,Tuvalu is one of the vulnerable nations that are more likely tosuffer from the impact of rising sea levels that will result from theclimate change (UNFCCC).

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