Typical Student`s Friday A Photo Essay

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Typical Student’s Friday: A Photo Essay

Typical Student’s Friday: A Photo Essay

The photos explain the typical life of aninternational student in the United States. They show the hustle andbustle of life of these students as they try to fit in a culturallydiverse country. The setting of the photos is diverse and gives thecontext of the situation (MSU,2016). The hostel room is thefirst, followed by bus-park, school and bar. The story revolvesaround a typical day of a student.

This photo story shows the theme of the studentlifestyle. The theme is accentuated by the different scenarios fromwaking up to sleep time and the different activities that take placein-between. The character(s) in the story is a student and hisfriends who are engaged in their daily student activities. Thestudent character is well shown by the school bag pack, books, lockerrooms, exam rooms and college grounds. This clearly shows that thecharacters in the photo are students.

The plot is well expressed showing the variousevents chronologically. The progression in the photos shows theevents’ time-frame from morning to evening. One key factor is thattime is of the essence and waking up in the morning can betraumatizing. In the first photo, the student is struggling to wakeup, trying to stop the alarm clock which is buzzing loudly. After aquick shower and a fast breakfast, the student boards the bus withothers to go to school. In the second photo, the student has joinedothers in the bus station and is boarding a bus with them. Everyoneis carrying a bag pack of books ready to start the day.

At school, everyone is dispersing to theirrespective departments and classes. The third photo shows thesestudents in their locker rooms, placing their bags and pickingnecessary books for the classes. Being an exam day, stressful momentsof analyzing and computing various mathematical or historicalscenarios engulf the exam rooms. In the fourth photo, students can beseen arranged in an exam hall busy with their exam papers, jottingdown their answers.

Life becomes easier after the stressful day.Students stroll down the campus paths after finishing their exams.The fifth photo shows students in the campus fields and paths afterfinishing the exam. It is quite common to note that many would bethinking of a night out with friends to relieve the stress andtension of the hard exam as well as meeting the plans of a typicalFriday. The sixth photo shows a local bar with drinks arranged in arow on the table. Students will drink up all of these to feel tipsyand forget about the stressful day. The business of the day is alwaysseen on the next day when the amount of booze taken into the body isrecognized. Student, full of hangover and trying to hydrate withclean drinking water is seen on the seventh photo. The aftermath andresiduals of the night can be seen on the table.

The story is brought out by the photos evenwithout the narration, since one can easily figure out what is goingin the photos without any further explanation. Narration accentuatesthe story to increase its relevance and to try to give ourperspectives into it. Juxtaposition is expressed between the schoollife and the social life of the students. The students are seen busyin school and later seen having drinks at a local bar. Juxtapositioncreates a rhetorical effect and tries to expose the characters intheir true nature.


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