Uniqlo’s Smartphone’s Brand Marketing

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Uniqlo’sSmartphone’s Brand Marketing

Mobileis a popular device that is used on a daily basis by consumers orpeople from around the world. This offers companies such as Uniqlo anopportunity to market its content and reach a wider audience ascompared to other mediums of marketing. However, as many companiesembrace this new trend of content marketing, there are a variety ofchallenges that they face as they is a new form of marketing strategy(Fast Retailing 1). The mobile users face some challenges when tryingto access Uniqlo’s contents in its website. The web propertiessimply fail to be accessed on the small screen of many mobile devicesor the mobile user faces the obstacle of overcoming the big alertsthat show up on the screen. Some alerts for instance, demands theuser to download some applications that are not relevant to thatuser.

Thismakes Uniqlo’s contents to be inaccessible and hence there is aneed of rectification. Uniqlo Company needs to design its contentsthat appear on its website with mobile devices in mind, this willensure that the content fits to the smart phones and tablets (Mau 1).One of the recommendations for this existing problem in Uniqlo is tohave a responsibly designed site that is accessible to mobile users,who are the majority. This therefore means that the website thatshould be designed by Uniqlo should be flexible in the manner that itfits all devices used by the end user. This will ensure that Uniqlo’scontents will be automatically appearing on the mobile devices in amanner that fits that particular device (Fast Retailing 1).

Therewill be a significant benefit to Uniqlo Company that will not onlyoffer an enjoyable reading experience to the readers, but will ensurethat all contents are accessed by the mobile users. Mobile devicesare a new way of marketing contents for Uniqlo, having unique ways ofoperations that replaces the traditional click and scroll. Mobiledevices come with unique marketing strategies that ensures Uniqlo isresponsive to the touch and swipe that comes with this new technology(Fast Retailing 1). In this manner, there is a need for the UniqloCompany to improve the reader’s experience when browsing throughthe website. This is by developing more laid-back experiences thatensures the readers of the content spend more of their time goingthrough the contents. In this regard, Uniqlo Company should developsuch styles that emulate the social magazines (Fast Retailing 1).This should be carefully developed in the most dynamic of ways inensuring that the customer experience is optimized.

Thisunique method of content marketing is beneficial in a number of waysto the company. First, Uniqlo Company will ensure that customersspend far more time on the website thereby reaching a wider audience.This method of customized mobile assets will ensure that UniqloCompany will put together a content experience that is stand aloneand therefore can be accessed by tablets and smart phones (FastRetailing 1). This is a unique method of content marketing thatoffers Uniqlo Company an opportunity to market its diverse contentsthat are compelling to its customers in the mobile and tablet devicesas well. Uniqlo Company will benefit from selling its contents in avariety of mediums such as short videos, pictures or the social feedsthat it will eventually get from this method. As more people will bespending more time on the company’s website, they will have theopportunity to discover more content (Mau 1). The following arepictures to show the firm’s marketing strategy on a Smartphone.

(Jensen1) (Jensen1)


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