United State of America Citizen

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UnitedState of America Citizen

Acitizen a can be defined as a participatory member of a politicalcommunity. Citizenship to a county is gained by meeting the legalrequirements of a nation or a state (Robbins, 2013). Rights andprivileges are granted by a nation to its citizens while citizens onthe other hand are expected to obey their country`s laws and defendit against enemies.

Howeverthe value of citizenship may vary for different nations. In theUnites States of America, the legal definition of a citizen is aperson born in the United States of America or a person who has gonethrough the full immigration process to become a citizen (Robbins,2013). This means there are mainly two ways that one is entitled tobecome an American citizen. The first one is birth citizenship, whereone is born within the territorial limits of the United States ofAmerica or neutralization, where immigrants apply for citizenshipsand are accepted.

Nevertheless,being a citizen of the United States of America does not only entailcitizenship either by birth, or, neutralization, but also entailsspecific rights, benefits and responsibilities, of a citizen. As acitizen of the United States of America, the highest allegiance of acitizen is to the United States of America as a country (Robbins,2013). The country comes first, and then being an American comessecond.

Thecitizens of the United States of America are entitled to rights andprivileges as defined in the Bill of Rights. Such includes, right topractice religion of choice, express opinions, right for protection,and much more as indicated in the Bill of Rights.

Onthe other hand being a United States of America citizen comes withresponsibilities. One of them is obeying laws of both the country andthe state in which you live in (Robbins, 2013). Voting is alsoconsidered as a responsibility of a citizen although it is notmandatory. There is a belief however, that, full citizenship isrealized through participation in electoral process. Nevertheless,voting is considered as a right rather than a requirement (Robbins,2013). Other responsibilities could include being concerned, andcaring about the world around you. For example by indentifying aproblem and then acting on the problem and becoming a part of thesolution. Volunteering in community work, to educate oneself on theissues within local community, national community, and worldcommunity are also some of the aspects that demonstrates what itmeans to be a citizen of the United States of America.

Conclusively,other than being a United States of America citizen either by birthor naturalism, individual`s relationship to his or her country,rights that comes with citizenship, and duties and responsibilitiesof individuals as citizens of United States is what creates a truemeaning of being a citizen of the United States of America.


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