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Victoria’s Secret E-Marketin 7



Victoria’sSecret E-marketing

Victoria’sSecret makes part of the Brands Company Limited. It is located on theoutskirts of Reynoldsburg in Ohio. The specialization of Victoria’sSecret is on lingerie. Apart from that, it deals with swimmingcostumes, products for beautification and nightwear. The companycurrently has one thousand and seventeen stores in forty-nine states,and the annual amount that the company generates is about fourmillion dollars from the stores per year (El-Gohary, 2012 p. 1258).

Thetarget market for Victoria’s Secret is the women who are middleclass. Also, they target men who can do shopping for middle-classwomen. They made an expansion on this market by signing supermodelswhose reputation went far and wide. Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, andKarolina Kurkova are some of the supermodels that the organizationsigned. The Victoria’s Secret understands the need for havingmodels in their company. The capability of scaling of business modelsdepends much on how mature the business is. Is the organization ableto provide goods and services that are of social benefits to thecustomers or the potential buyers? Many factors contribute towardsthis. Factors such as whether the business is promoting a pullproduct or a push product. Another factor to consider is thesurrounding ecosystem that the business operates in. The last thingis whether the current action of the company will need a new entryinto the market or creation. The scaling time will rely on the allthree factors combined or some additional determinants like possibledistribution creation and capabilities of sales (El-Gohary, 2012 p.1259).

Whenit comes to capitalization on men doing shopping for women, theoriginal intention was to ensure comfortability of a person whiledoing shopping for women. Even though they only target middle-classmen, their products also attract younger women who are in college.The colors which are bright, prints that are on trend, the attirethat looks small and young are appealing to the young women too. Theway they do their product selection and put them online for purchaseand viewing by customers makes it easier for the school going womento shop and order online.

It`snormal that different brands are looking to rehash its prosperity,yet that won`t happen by just rehashing the brand`s strategies.Undergarments` development spurt offers an open door for veritableseparation: an opportunity to de-commoditise a classification thatfor a long time has served up identikit brands and minimal genuinedecision (Chrisler, et al., 2013 p. 653). Be that as it may, a longway from a blast of broadening and creative energy, what we`re seeingis a mass bouncing on the fleeting trend. It`s turning into thestandard for undergarments brands to dispatch each new range with amajor spending plan style mark mosque appear, joined by a celebrepresentative. Time after time the reaction of those hoping tocontend has just been to attempt and outVSVS. The brands thatchallenge VS will be those that locate the crisp spaces fordevelopment, not those just playing take after the pioneer.

Thevalue proposition is another thing that the Victoria’s Secretcapitalizes on. The company employs some of the most charming ladiesof this globe. All these beauty queens are the angels of thiscompany, and they act as the face of that business. The nextintention of the Victoria’s Secret will be to select a lady whowill appeal to a man and at the same time be attractive to a woman.Their choice of a model is that of someone who has an appealing faceand at the same time, a beautiful body. The general public likestheir models because of the charming nature of them. The organizationhas repeatedly turned down the models who do not meet the standardrequired. These models help in inspiring the potential customers thatthey will become as beautiful and as charming as the models look inthat attire. It is important to note that what the models in theVictoria’s Secret wear appear complicated and this makes thecustomers believe that the company has given a lot of value to them.Victoria’s Secret gives fulfillment and promises to their consumersby making them believe that being charming and adorable is somethingthat is achievable (Chrisler, et al., 2013 p. 652).

Theoperation of Victoria’s Secret is nowadays revolving around adigital strategy of Omni integration. They take part actively insocial media. The Facebook page that they use is the second mostvisited Facebook page of a retail store. It has about eighteenmillion fans. Apart from Facebook, the business also does itsadvertisements on Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. The benefit ofusing Facebook advertising is to control its data, and it is also notexpensive. Facebook allows for pinpointing of exact buyer better thanany platform in the social media. It is possible to pinpoint by age,gender, income, the customer’s position in the place of work andstatus of relationship. Facebook offers details on where its userswork and also indicates whether they are still in school or not. Thisdata helps businesses like Victoria’s Secret to connect with itscustomers online in a convenient manner.

Sincesocial networks can get such amount of information from users, thereis an ability of social media user to target audience in many ways.It can stretch beyond demographic and geographic data (Matteson andLevin, 2013 p. 36). Advertising in social media has brought about aneasy way to reach audience. The targeting options that are atadvanced stages increase the relevance of your ad to the users thatyou are supposed to reach and at the same time offers some ability topersonalize that cannot be achieved on other channels ofadvertisements. The reason Victoria’s Secret is successful in itsadvertisements is because it takes care of the four options that areavailable when it comes to social advertising. First, theorganization can easily reach the particular audiences. The businesscan easily identify those that they know can purchase their products.That is the reason the company makes a lot of sales. Second,Victoria’s Secret utilizes the behavioral targeting. Here, theysimply study the behaviors of their potential buyers. This kind oftargeting considers the past behavior before determining theintention of the potential customers. Victoria’s Secret alsoreaches audiences by custom targeting. This is targeting where theyupload a list of email addresses and contacts. This makes them easilytarget their audiences by their personal contacts. Another targetingis known as Lookalike targeting. This involves reaching new peoplewho have similarity to obtain new customers through social media.

Anothersignificance of social advertising that Victoria’s Secret benefitsfrom is an improved conversion tracking. Since there are many newoptions on how to target users, it is easy to track how social mediaadvertising operates so that it becomes easy to justify theexpenditure on budgeting (Matteson and Levin, 2013 p. 33). Socialmedia ads that make it possible for the user to take action likepurchasing of products or an event registering can make the businessowners make a report on the impact of the ad on customers andproducts. After configuring it properly, it is significant that thereis an addition of a snippet of code to your website page. There isalso a need for a technicality in operation and extra effort.However, the business will have to make attribution of anyconversions on that page to the ads that are being run. Conversiontracking has helped Victoria’s Secret become smart about its adspend and strategy.

Anotherstrategy that Victoria’s Secret uses is the email marketing.Whenever they introduce a bra that has new styles of putting on, theysend emails to their customers. They send such email also when thereis a possibility of making a large sale online or in store.Victoria’s Secret utilizes an application of Android and Ipod. Theycan browse and shop the selection of their online on this app. Thereis also an application for line PINK of different criteria apart fromthe Android application. In addition to that, the company also usestext alerts that they send directly to cell phones of their customers(Kim and Zauberman, 2013 p. 328).

Oneof the strengths that Victoria’s Secret has is that they make gooduse of all their social marketing platforms. They are activelyparticipate on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter. Also, theyare on Instagram and Pinterest. Also, they advertise on thetelevision commercials instead of just depending on those who are onsocial media. Their participation in traditional and digitaladvertising makes them reach a large audience. The large amount ofstore they have is also the strength to them. Their brand iswell-established. Therefore it is easy for them to reach a large baseof consumers and their name is popular in the market.

Theweaknesses of the marketing strategy of Victoria’s Secret are veryfew. A more seamless flow could be a source of their benefits. Ifthey can offer their products in all localities, their buyers wouldhave a shopping experience that is more predictable than they have atthe moment (El-Gohary, 2012 p. 1257). The opportunities that theorganization has are for more businesses. Guest loyalty programs areoffered by retail stores like the Buckle and Nordstrom’s. When acustomer appears and is attracted to a product, she can be told whenother additional products will be brought. Personal phone calls arealso made by Nordstrom’s in case there is a storewide sale.Personalizing the experience of shopping in their store can be a hugebenefit to the company.

Thecurrent situation of the economy could be some of the threats to theprofitability and success of the company. Aerie and Gilly Hicks aresome of the competitors that Victoria’s Secret face. Thespecialization of both Aerie and Gilly Hicks is in the loungewear.Both companies also participate actively online. In recent times,Aerie made people like their page.Victoria’s Secret participatea lot on social media (Chrisler, et al., 2013 p. 650).


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