Villain and Heroic character

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Villain and Heroiccharacter

Avillainous character makes an event memorable. They are involved innumerous schemes, in most of the cases scary due to their intelligentlevel and powers they possess such as John Silver as in the TreasureIsland by Louis Robert (1998). They create obstacles to the heroiccharacters who portray principled traits. Heroic characters actaccording to the norms of the society and strain to surmount thehindrances posed by the villain characters.

Invarious plays, villainous characters display enormous wealth thatfacilitates their intention such as John Siler who was a leader andhad amassed great wealth. In other situations, they rely onsupernatural powers to propel their wishes. Other form of strengthcomes from the people such as leader who are entrusted by thecommunity by conducts the craftiness under pretense.

Theyusually leave indelible marks on the brains due to immense nefariousacts they perform and in some circumstances induce hatred comparedto the heroic characters who are humble with no malicious plans. Johnsilver was able to kill the competitors and betrayed his friends byinvariably changing plans.

Villainouscharacters act contrary to the moral principles. They depictdespicable characteristics that comprise of abusive language and theyare arrogant. They are disrespectful to the heroic and engage inunnecessary competition. They communication is full of deception andstrives to craftily outsmart their targets.

Inaddition, they are envious and extravagant. They covet to acquire thesuccess displayed by the heroic and hence sharp in criticism totarnish their opponent’s reputation. They work to maximize theirbenefits and they constantly work a gloomy complexation. Theirthoughts and actions and highly unpredictable.

BothVillainous and heroic characters are highly important in everysetting. They aid in build-up of a play sequentially by being complexin nature and they are constantly raising issues. Villainouscharacters emerge to daring and rarely case about the results.Through their action, many of the characters suffer, die or separatewith their loved ones. This given a series of undesirable of eventsin the play which each encounters the schemes of the villain.Consequently, both the characters are key in every play as theyindicate a sharp contract between the morality and the immoralbehaviors.


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