Water Shortage in Arizona; A proposal Argument

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The biting water crisis in Arizona has caught the eye of manypeople. The residents of Arizona have been subjected to waterrationing because of the crisis. Industries spend an arm and a footto purchase water from private suppliers. The farmers too feel theeffect in that they cannot irrigate their crops as often as they usedto. Relevant authorities claim that the reason behind this shortageis the reducing water level of the lake from which the water supplyof Arizona sources its water. This essay is a proposal argument thatanalyzes two proposals to curb the water shortage in Arizona.

Harvestingrainwater in households could supplement the rationed water from thewater supply system. Many residents in Arizona allow rainwater to goto waste despite the area receiving stable amounts of rain throughoutthe year. The residents can install rainwater collection passages atthe edges of their roofs. The passages will be connected to watertanks so that rainwater runoff on the roofs enters the passages, andinto the collecting tank. The rainwater will be used for house choreswhile tap water from the Arizona water supply system will be used forcooking and drinking. Since rainwater is not so popular amongAmericans, the government should offer incentives such as water tanksand passages for the roofs.

Residents of Arizona need to minimize their use of water forrecreational activities. Part of the reason there is a shortage ofwater is because people irrigate their lawns and drain their pools ona daily basis. The government should put a restriction to the use ofwater for luxuries, especially now that there is a crisis. Thedecision may not be popular, but it will go a long way in ensuringequitable distribution of water.