Week 1 Discussion 2

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Week1 Discussion 2

I will present an argument to support onlinelearning since it a platform that has become more common in therecent years. I have decided to present the argument because I haveseen how it has benefited a number of people that had tight schedulesthat made it impossible to attend the traditional model of schools.Instead, the online learning provided flexible lessons that aretailored to accommodate their tight schedules.

In the process of researching the topic I will use a number ofkeywords in the library in order to get the required journal articlesand books (Drown &amp Sole, 2013). The first one will be “onlinelearning” since it is the common phrase describing the platform.The second one will be “distance learning” that talks about thosethat are far away from their schools, but they will still learn. Thekeyword “online degree” also creates another option that helps inunderstanding the platform. Besides that, “MOOC” that stands forMassive Open Online Courses is another essential keyword. The “HigherEducation MOOCs” and the “Open2Study” also offers essentialkeywords.

Although some scholars look at distance learning as a platform thatis a threat to the traditional learning, in reality, it helps inbolstering the traditional model of school such as offering flexiblelessons that support those that do not have enough time to attend thenormal classes.

I want to seek some clarifications from the class since I want toknow their position on the benefits of the distance learning. Morespecifically, I want to know if they feel like the platform isthreatening the presence of the traditional model of learning (Abramiet al, 2011). Apart from the threat, does it help in enhancing thestatus of the traditional learning model? If so, in what ways has itachieved such a step?


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Drown, E., &amp Sole, K. (2013). Writing college research papers(2nd ed.). San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.