Week 4 Discussion Nursing Foundation

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Week4 Discussion Nursing Foundation


Whenwriting scholarly work or any piece of academic work one is usuallyexpected to cite and derive information from credible article ande-book databases. Databases tend to vary based on the type ofinformation that they have and the manner in which one can access theavailable information (Kolin,2016).In most cases the databases have search section which helps inretrieving information on a given article or book based on thekeywords that the user typed by the user in the search section. Oneof the most difficult thing student’s encounter when searchingbooks, articles and peer reviews in most databases e.g. the Waldenlibrary, is searching for the right keywords the book authors mighthave used (Pressley,Fansler, Gilbertson, Petersen, McMahan &amp Yun. et al.n.d)

BeforeI started to use Walden library for searching for peer reviewarticles I preferred Bluesyemre.com. The database offered me with avariety of information from all academic fields. When using thedatabase, one is expected to select the academic discipline that onewants information on and from there the database provides you withmany suggestions to articles that you would use. I saw the databasefit for use for scholars who search for general information becauseit is after selecting an academic discipline that I gained access tothe available articles which at times can be limited. The mostchallenging thing that I encountered when using the database isknowing the specific topic a particular article might be located. Allin all, I would recommend this database for searching information ongeneral topics because the topics are listed in an alphabetic orderhence enabling new users to access easily articles on a particularfield. Some of the topic categories on Bluesyemre.com include Design,general science, Health, and Engineering. Compared to Walden library,I could say that Bluesyemre.com does not offer credible informationbecause most of the articles there are under the database. This makesit difficult to retrieve other writer`s materials. In this case, itis advisable to use Walden library for academic work (Wikoff,2012).


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