Week 4 EBE Journal Club

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Week4 EBE: Journal Club

Week4 EBE: Journal Club

Journalclubs provide a platform for people from different disciplines, butworking in a given field to meet regularly and conduct a criticalreview of articles that are related to their work. The AOTA’sproposed journal club toolkit is informative. Although all factorsmentioned in the toolkit are important, three of them (emphasis onthe support of the management, club leadership, and diversity ofmembership) will contribute towards the success of the journal clubin a significant way

Ateam that seeks to establish a journal club should expect to facefour key barriers. First, inadequacy of space in the place of workcan lead to a lack of a suitable venue for the club to hold itsmeetings (Janes &amp Metzger, 2014). Secondly, members may not haveenough time to work and attend the club meetings, but this challengecan be addressed by organizing the meetings during the lunch hours.Third, the club may face the challenge of a limited access tojournals, but members can look for applications that are freelyavailable online (Janes &amp Metzger, 2014). The last barrier is thelack of support from the management, but support can be enlisted byexplaining the significance of the club to the management. Some ofthe key facilitators that enhance the success and increase member’sattendant include food, space, computer, schedules, and publicity.

Afterreading the AOTA’s toolkit, I have gained an interest inestablishing the journal club at my place of work, Skilled NursingRehabilitation Facility. Out of all factors recommended in the AOTA’stoolkit, I find support from the management and the need to startsmall being critical for a new club. For an instant, a support fromthe management will guarantee the availability of space, meetingtime, and the willingness of other people to join.


Althoughthere are several barriers that people starting a journal club face,a successful establishment of the club benefits both the organizationand individual members of the club. A journal club in an effectiveway of keeping individuals from different professions up-to-date andempower them to adopt evidence-based practices.


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