Week 4 Journal Entry

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Week4 Journal Entry

Peopleattract more diseases as they increase in age. Therefore, it isimportant to take care of the aged as they go through medication.Older people may take more than one type of drug at a time and theymight forget at times to take one type or another (Midlöv et al.,2009). This is mostly related to their poor memory and lack ofplacing an importance to the health because they might feel the senseof giving up because they are going to eventually die. Statisticsshow that half of the elderly people, who take at least onemedication a day find adherence hard to follow through. Theimplications of this are that the medicine does not do the job towhich it is intended. Patients end up experiencing the effects of thedisease and the drugs no longer work better as they would have before(Wehling, 2013).

Toimprove on the medication adherence in older people, doctors andnurses should assess the mental status of the patients to determinewhether they are able to keep to drug taking (Agronin &amp Maletta,2005). They should also determine their beliefs, knowledge aboutdrugs and their beliefs about drugs being a cure for their illnesses.They should check for diseases that would otherwise cause adherenceon their own like chronic diseases for example. Drug packagingshould be made with visible instructions that are well readable forolder people.

Furthermore,there should be a general improvement in communication and thepatient-doctor interaction to properly understand the patient andwork on the understanding of the drugs (Sinclair et al., 2012). Thereshould also be sufficient patient education. It is also crucial fordoctors and nurses to seek information to determine and understandthe patient history.


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