Week 4 Response

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Week4 Response

Week4 Response

Thearticle posted by Carlos address the factors considered,facilitators, and barriers that people face when establishing journalclubs in their places of work. I agree with Carlos on the issue ofrecruiting members from different disciplines and starting with a fewmembers. This is because an occupational therapy facility has peoplefrom different professions, and their participation in the analysisof journals that related to the field of occupational therapy can bemore productive than when people from a single discipline are invited(American Occupational Therapy Association, 2014).

Inaddition, I agree with Carlos that the support from the management iscritical while starting a journal club. This is because support fromthe management help the employees with the idea of starting a journalclub avoids most of the barriers that those who go ahead without thesupport of the top management face (AOTA, 2014). For an instant, itis easier to find a space and time for conducting meetings when themanagement is aware and supports the idea of the journal club thanwhen the management does not show any support.

Moreover,I agree with Carlos on the fact that the success of the journal clubis highly influenced by the extent to which the club is promoted. Theprocess of promoting the club using different strategies (such asflyers) allows the founders of the club to communicate thesignificance as well as the purpose of the club to potential members,which create the basis for the future growth of the club (AOTA,2014).

Inconclusion, the article posted by Carlos is comprehensive and addressthe key considerations, barriers, and methods of addressing the keybarriers. The post is resources and provides guiding tips forstarting a journal club in an occupational therapy facility.


AmericanOccupational Therapy Association (2014). AOTAJournal Club Toolkit.Washington, DC: AOTA.