What`s wrong with being called gay or girlish?

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What’s wrong withbeing called gay or girlish?

What is wrong with being called gay or girlish is that it is abusive,but what the person giving the gay or girlish label means is thatdespite being a man one is acting in a feminine manner or that he isnot completely a man. Being girlish is having the behavior associatedwith being a female such as the need for attention which may be seenin the way one dress or speaks. Also, the society is conditioned tothink that a man who possesses female-like traits is a homosexual.Beside, in a society where the females are associated with traitssuch as a sense of weakness, making decision governed by emotions,being called a gay or girlish inherits these traits. According toBraga (2016), being an affectionate man is girlish and a reason forrejection from the society. Thus, being called gay is as if theperson is questioning a man`s macho which is unacceptable to any man.For this reason, these two terms are an insult to one’s pride as aman regardless of their physical attributes and sexual preferences as they discredits a person’s male-like characters such as beingstrong, bold and assertive. It is thus demeaning when a man isreferred to as a gay or girlish as it goes past their physicalcharacter or sexual preference and into the inheriting the negativesassociated with being a woman. Additionally, being called a gay orgirlish has some element of being declared a social deviant or aperson who has gone against the rules of the society. The term gayspeaks of the disapproval of the character of the person referred bythat name. It is, therefore, judgmental, abusive, and demeaning tocall a person gay or girlish.


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