Why I chose Emory for my Rotation

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I have invariably wanted to be part of an emergency team in aninstitution that will contribute immensely to my career. As athird-year medicine student, I am required to undertake a one-monthrotation. For the one-month rotation program, I have settled forEmergency Medicine at Emory University. There are various reasons asto why I have considered the facility as the best for my program.

First, Emory University department of emergency medicine is arenowned institution that offers quality services that areattributable to its skilled workforce and apt internal structures. Iconsider this environment as nonpareil for the development of mskills as an emergency room doctor. Also, I believe that I will findthe skilled staff as salient props for my novice knowledge in themedical field.

Secondly, my future goal as a clinician is to move to Atlanta Georgiaone day as an emergency room doctor and offer services to thecitizens. I, therefore, consider a rotation chance at Emory as aprime introduction into the community that I wish to serve afterqualifying.

Before arriving at the decision to request for my rotation in Emory,I had considered the factors of working under stress and e importanceof self-drive that emergency room physicians should possess. Ibelieve that I will fit well in this setting because before joiningmedical school, I worked as a fishing boat captain in Alaska and myposition required withstanding stress and pressure. I will conveythese attributes to in Emory for my personal growth and theobjectivity of the department.

Conclusively, I have worked as an emergency room nurse in the past,and the setting will not, therefore, take me as a surprise.Conclusively, I believe that consideration to do my rotation at EmoryUniversity will not only fortify my skills and knowledge but alsoshape the future of m career.