Writing Project 5 Reports with Visuals

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WritingProject 5: Reports with Visuals

Part1: Investigative Report with Visual

InvestigativeConcern 2:

Findingsindicate that the price of student textbooks continues to soar overtime. Reports show that college students’ today pay more 1041percent compared to what they used to pay in the year 1977. Theobjective of this report was to investigate whether the bookstore isthe best place to buy books. A survey on the reading methodspreferred by college students was conducted. Surprisingly, resultsshow that majority of college students find buying books online moreconvenient and less expensive. The report concludes that purchasingfrom a bookstore is more expensive. Thus, it is recommended to useonline bookstores such as eBay and Amazon.

Dueto technological advances, there has been a huge increase in the useof mobile phones and every indication show that this will continue.Recently, bookstores complain about the high competition by theonline stores. Today’s students are digitally savvy and preferbuying their books from online stores using a computer any time atthe own comfort. E-readers find it easier to use online bookstorewhere they can compare prices without traveling from one store toanother to search for the best prices. Furthermore, students can savecosts by renting or buying used books at cheaper rates. Clearly,visiting a bookstore for a majority of students may be disruptive andtime-consuming. Thus, it is recommended that colleges develop apolicy regarding the use of eBooks for all students. Additionally, areader can easily search for any keyword, and this saves times(McLaren,2003).&nbsp

Thegraph below illustrates the decrease in the number of independentbookstores in America as more readers prefer to use e-books.


Evidently, the world of publishing continue to revolutionalize, andthis shows that the future is digital. With the increase in tabletsand electronic hand held time more students and their teachers willnow prefer to switch from printed textbooks to digital ones.

Inlight of these findings, it is recommended that buying e-versions oftextbooks will save students on the cost of buying books, and theywon’t have to carry large language to class (McLaren,2003).&nbsp

Part2: Progress Report

Theroots of education are bitter, but the fruits are sweet. I enrolledin college so that I can acquire knowledge in engineering. Ever sinceI was a child, I always looked forward to following in the footstepsof my mentor and godfather, a renowned engineer at our home place.For the last two years, I have been in college I intended to gainthe fundamental knowledge I will need to join a university where Ican achieve a bachelor`s degree in civil engineering. I grew up in acommunity with poor housing therefore, I decided I would specializein the construction industry so that I can save my people from themisery of low-quality housing. My ultimate academic goal is to pursueengineering to the highest level. I am an engineering studentplanning to complete my associate degree engineering in May 2016.

Secondly,I am an extrovert. I like meeting new people, learning new ideas andexperiencing new challenges. College gives me the best place to makenew friends and learn new knowledge. My classmates come from diversebackgrounds, as such, I had an opportunity to meet new people andlearn viewpoints of cultures from about regarding different issuessuch as construction methods and materials.

Sofar, I have acquired the valuable knowledge required in the houseconstruction industry. For instance, I can supervise theconstruction of non-commercial buildings. However, I am yet toreceive the official certification issued by the academic institutionin conjunction with the national government. However, I expect toacquire the certification in two months. I will be graduating in May2016.

Besides,I am still to enroll in a university so that I can acquire abachelor`s degree that will open my doors to the commercialconstruction industry. I am hoping to complete the degree in the nextfive years because I intend to take 12-month education break after Igraduate in May. I will use the time interning in my mentor`sconstruction firm. Later, I will embark on the bachelor`s degree inengineering (McLaren,2003).&nbsp

Part3: Incident Report

Thisreport will review a serious incident that occurred in our company inthe afternoon of 23rdMarch 2016. The complaint was started by a customer who claimed thatone of the product manufactured by our company has been tainted withEbola. Suddenly, his eyes started bleeding when he was at thecustomer service counter.

Immediately,the employee at the customer service desk called an ambulance forhelp with the rest avoiding to move or even touch him. Afterward, thevictim was transported to the nearest hospital for emergency careafter which he was released after critical examination that ruled outany cases of Ebola.

Atthe time this incident occurred, many emotions ran through the mind. In fact, I felt very uncomfortable and concerned at the same timeregarding this scaring issue. I become worried that the public wouldhave a negative perception about the company. The products of ourcompany undergo proper procedures and precaution. Thus, the qualityand hygiene contamination of the products is completely impossible.However, the police investigating the matter termed the situation asan Ebola hoax. As an employee of this company, this incident forcedme to think about how the employees are prepared in case of adisaster (McLaren,2003).&nbsp Recommendation

Itis recommended that the management comes up with ways to promotedisaster awareness in the company. Additionally, employee trainingon some basic first aid and survival skills should be done. In thiscase, a survival kit recommended by the CDC would be crucial toprepare every employee for every situation. It is imperative for allemployees at the workplace to be well-prepared both mentally andphysically, as well as stay confident in case of such incidences.


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