WSJ Article Review

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The article is about president Obama’s supposed meeting withleaders of the Gulf Arab states in a bid to straighten souredrelations (Lee &amp Stancati, 2016). The Gulf Arab leaders were notamused when the USA struck a deal with Iran regarding the allegednuclear weapons in Iran. The president’s planned trip to SaudiArabia in April 2016 is a follow up for the talks held at Camp Davidwith Gulf Arab leaders regarding the USA’s cooperation with Iran.The Gulf Arab leaders are not happy with the newfound friendshipbetween the USA and Iran because of the rivalry between the SaudiArabian Sunni Kingdom and Iranian Shiite.

The president is the number one diplomat in charge of maintaininggood foreign relations with other countries (Chanlette &ampRinehart, 2013). The president is willing to hold talks withdisgruntled GCC leaders in order to avoid straining diplomatic tieswith the countries they represent. On the other hand, the president’sintention is to use his diplomatic skills to maintain ties with bothGCC and Iran despite their bitter rivalry. If the USA losesdiplomatic ties with GCC, trade will be affected. If the USA resumessanctions on Iran, it would come off as an unfair super power in theinternational community.

The perspective created by this article is that the president isconcerned about diplomatic ties between the USA and other countries.The president’s role is to maintain ties with USA’s ally. Thearticle paints the president as someone who uses his mandate to saveAmerica from losing crucial allies in the Middle East. In addition,the article creates the perspective of the president maintainingdiplomatic ties with allied forces in Europe.


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